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Songwriting Storytelling Through Lyrics: Crafting Songs That Resonate

Music moves the soul, but lyrics? They tell the story. Through the tapestry of words, songwriters paint vivid landscapes, share heartfelt emotions, and craft narratives that listeners carry with them. Great lyrics don't just rhyme; they resonate. Dive deep into the world of storytelling through song, and learn how to…
August 18, 2023
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Paid Playlist Pitching: Everything You Need to Know!

Playlist pitching has become an essential part of an artist's promotional strategy in the digital music era. A placement on a popular Spotify playlist can significantly increase an artist's visibility, help attract new fans, and boost stream counts. However, with so many artists vying for a limited number of spots,…
June 22, 2023

Why Spotify Canvas Matters for Musicians

As we delve further into the digital age, artists are not just defined by their music, but also by their visual branding. Today, Spotify Canvas has become a key platform for musicians to communicate their unique identities and engage with their audience. If you're an artist seeking to enhance your…
June 8, 2023
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16 Essential Books to read as an Upcoming Artist

In the harmonious symphony of life, every aspiring artist seeks the perfect melody to guide them on their path to success. As a record label dedicated to nurturing the creative spirit, we have compiled a soul-stirring collection of books to inspire, enlighten, and empower the artists of tomorrow. Delve into…
March 30, 2023
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How to get signed to a record label in 2022?

How do I get signed by a label when I am an independent artist?  Being an independent artist does have its advantages, but it can be difficult to get to the next level in your career. Being under a label helps boost your music career. So many artists, producers, rappers,…
January 3, 2022