A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk

Genre: Death Core, Metalcore

Label: Rexius Records

Brutally Friendly

Gothenburg is famous for being the epicenter of a crucial episode in the history of Death Metal. Most cities in the world don’t have the privilege of having their own signature musical style! It isn’t called “the Gothenburg sound” for nothing, and A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk has proven to be one of its promising successors.

Formed in the summer of 2011 as a Rammstein cover act, the Metalcore band A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk’s name came, in their own words, “from the former singer’s mumbling one morning”. Don’t let this environment-friendly name fool you, though: The brutality of a decades-long lineage of Death and Black Metal is very much alive in this Swedish act. Even though the band is quite rooted in the Metalcore scene (a genre they have revered for years), they have made a fruitful effort to keep true to the most extreme meaning of the word “Metal”.

Their very own “homage to brutality” has been successfully achieved by removing the clean vocals included in their original lineup and introducing ancient visual iconography. Having Adam Rexius as frontman and vocalist, and some barbaric riffs on the guitars of the formidable Hansson brothers (Ismael and David), add a solid ground to the mix. But you can’t make a riff from hell if you aren’t supported by the clockwork precision of an experienced rhythm section, something Herman Singh (drums) and Gustaf Bergquist (bass) understand and convey in their performance.

ADTDT’s career got an extra boost in 2015 with the release of their EP “Arcus”, the very year the band also started becoming internationally acknowledged. They have been touring Eastern Europe since 2017 and are constantly expanding their legions to other regions of the globe. A singing to Rexius Records on the same year has also opened many interesting perspectives for their future. 

If you’re left wondering what dead trees and Metalcore have in common, don’t miss their next release, “Cyanide”. The band’s misanthropic self-awareness of Humanity as responsible for environmental damage is one of the relevant topics of their upcoming project. 

“Gothenburg Metal that transcends established acts“

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A Visceral Alarm Call for Humanity.


Environmentalism has never sounded so metal.

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