Genre: Alternative Metal

Label: Rexius Records

White Magicians of Metal

From the depths of Sweden and Eastern Europe, InSammer rises as transformative alchemy of alternative hard rock and nu metal described by the band as “transfusion metal”. A particular combination inspired by acts like Korn and Guano Apes, balanced with up-to-date production and a healing message in the midst of inner turmoil.

InSammer’s low-tuned riffs and powerful rhythmic section provide an earth-shaking base to Vika Dola’s versatile vocal performance. The sound transports us to dark alleys of the mind, but the band’s lyrics transcend the idea of misery as a mandatory source of creativity.

“Almost all of our songs are about a hope to get better.”, Vika explains. “It’s very important for us to inspire other people and help them get their strength back.” InSammer is also concerned with the social critique of mainstream culture, pondering on topics like the sex industry and American society’s eating habits.

The collaboration of Vika and guitarist Dennis Wise started in 2011 at a music institute in Uppsala (Sweden). While Dola’s incursion into music has been relatively recent, she has worked her way up to becoming an energetic stage figure ranging from melodic singsong to the torn growls that place InSammer’s sound beyond nu metal.

The official constitution of the band came in 2014, experimenting with different lineups until it reached its current formation including virtuoso guitarist Oleg Izotov, bassist Nikita Simonov and world-class drummer Alexey Baev.

2018 marked a turning point for InSammer, releasing their debut EP “Seeds” and opening for Guano Apes, Moonspell, Soulfly and Hollywood Undead. The videos for three of the band’s tracks featured the direction of Patric Ullaeus (Arch Enemy, In Flames, Europe).

InSammer got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records earlier this year and are currently recording their next album while they continue to conquer audiences in Russia and Europe.


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