Plastic Ghost

Following their breakthrough with “Doobie Doobie”, a bizarre dance-friendly song that captured audiences in Latin America, Spain and USA, Stockholm’s extravagant duo ‘Mother Mink’ is now releasing “Plastic Ghost” on March 23rd: A quirky experimental pop tune with environmentalist overtones.

Two years after its creation, with a wave of live gigs and press attention all over their native Sweden, Mother Mink is now taking a stand for an important cause: “We created a video with a film team that narrates the complex of problems around plastic waste in our planet’s oceans, all in a magical but very clear way.». The song takes distance from the groovy mood of its predecessor to make way for powerful punk-ish vocals, all while maintaining the lighthearted vibe you could associate with acts like Bob Hund and a touch of Björk’s use of vocal noises. All in all, «Plastic Ghost» maintains the band’s musical ambiguity that made the band known through «Doobie Doobie».

13 million tons of waste are thrown to the seas every year, with the majority of it consisting of plastic. Aware of this gruesome fact, Mother Mink became the first band to receive the «Kranmärkt» tag, a distinction for authorities, businesses and other agents who adopt the policy of drinking water from the tap instead of plastic bottles. The release of «Plastic Ghost» is coordinated with one of this year’s highlight environmental events, the World Water Day. «We’re more than just music! We’re a movement», explains Fanny, vocalist and frontwoman.

Mother Mink was born in the autumn of 2016 when Fanny Wistrand (vocals) and Johan Axelsson joined creative forces in Stockholm. Beyond the music, the duo can be seen, in their own words, as «an explosion of art». It’s a crossroads between punk, pop and underground jazz with a humorous, kitschy vibe that is hard to describe with a definitive genre label. «Plastic Ghost», the wacky environmentalist statement by the Swedish mad scientists of pop music, will be will be available on all digital platforms on March 23rd as a digital single and video.