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File Upload

Please add a link to your Stems on for example Dropbox, WeTransfer or Sprend. Make sure that the download won’t expire until we can get to them.


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Additional Mixes


If you want us to correct things like pitch or timing of the vocals or a specific instrument, choose the appropriate option(s) below. For example, if your drums are a bit off, with this option we’ll manually fix that.

– We use software such as Waves Tune and Melodyne to manually polish the intonation and make the performance sound more precise. Don’t worry, we won’t make you Lil Wayne unless you want us to.

– If you want us to edit any other instruments, make sure to check the “Other” option and we’ll get back to you within 3 business days in order to discuss the price! The edition fee depends on what kind of instrument it is, and how many tracks you want us to edit.

Extra Editing

If you have even more tracks in need of editing, please choose how many extra tracks in total you will need to edit.

Reconstruct Mix

With this option, you will be able to import the audio into any DAW and reconstruct the mix for yourself. Great if you would like to tweak the mix.



The delivery of the first audition. If you are in a hurry choose the 2 business days option, revisions will also be delivered more quickly with this option.


Add references how you would like your mixes to be. If you refer to any songs please add a link to that song on any music service such as Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud so we are sure we are listening to the same song.

If you have chosen Rhythm or Vocal Editing please clarify which tracks you want us to edit.

I want Rexius Records to review my song after mixing?

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24-47 Tracks ($349), 48-71 Tracks ($399), 72-95 Tracks ($449), 96 Tracks or More ($499)