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How do you find my demo?

We will find your demo automatically if you are using the same email when purchasing as when submitted your demo to us. Otherwise we will figure it out based on your name, you order notes or ask you if we can’t find it! 🙂

What if I receive the evaluation late?

We will give you the evaluation and refund 100% of your money. You have nothing to lose.

What if I’m not satisfied with the feedback?

You will get 100% money back, no questions asked. We have given so many artists feedback now that we are sure you will be happy. Not that we won’t tell you the truth, but simply because the feedback will be valuable for you!

Why do you charge for feedback?

We receive around 7000 demos per year and we have over 100 artists to take care of with a small team. If you would like your demo to be reviewed faster and to get feedback we somehow need to put extra resources to listening to demos. That is why we invented these options. We have only a few limited slots for prioritized artists every month so that we can listen to the demos in the queue as well. However you are completely free to wait and you will get no other disadvantages by doing so. It’s completely up to you!

Why you would like to get feedback:

  • I don’t want just the standard thank you email
  • I want to know what I can improve not only from a music perspective, but also with my career and professionality
  • I want to know why, whether it’s a yes or a no!
  • I want an objective A&R to give me feedback, not just my friends who will say what they think I want to hear

 How long will it take before I get feedback?

It will take 7 days otherwise you will get your money back.


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