Doobie Doobie

Mother Mink
Genre: Alt Pop

Quirky Pop with a Tarantino Flavor

A year and some months after its creation and following a wave of live gigs and press attention all over their native Sweden, Stockholm’s extravagant duo ‘Mother Mink’ now present a Tarantino-inspired quirky single.

Scheduled for release in Winter 2018, “Doobie Doobie” pays a tribute to first instincts and spontaneous impulses, with an unrestrained philosophy that seemed to inspire the creation of the song. In the duo’s own words: “We just picked up stuff we liked or happened to come across. We had no plan.” The result is a mad cocktail of trumpet solos, opera, wigs, perfume and chopped electric guitar riffs with a Dick Dale vibe. Maybe not your typical pop song.

“Doobie Doobie”, a musical Frankenstein by the Swedish mad scientists of pop music, will be will be available on all digital platforms on Friday the 1st of December as a digital single.

Mother Mink was born in the autumn of 2016 when Fanny Wistrand (vocals) and Johan Axelsson joined creative forces in Stockholm. Beyond the music, the duo can be seen, in their own words, as “an explosion of art”. It’s a crossroads between punk, pop and underground jazz with a humorous, kitschy vibe that is hard to describe with a definitive genre label.

Such a musical ambiguity can be explained by the duo’s background: Fanny is a quite versatile artist (“a culture chameleon”, she says), who is not only involved with music, but also step dancing and children’s theater. Just like Mother Mink’s music, her artistic personality has been shaped by several apparently unrelated hidden talents (acrobatics on horseback among them).

As a songwriter and wind player, Johan adds an underground musical complement to the already eccentric mix: He started as a garage punk musician who then turned to jazz with his sax. The band explains that a great part of their sound comes from “distorted saxophones, clarinets and dirty beats”. Then comes Fanny’s bold vocal technique, who could work equally well on a 40s film noir starlett.

Mother Mink achieved a certain reputation in their local scene with “Coconut”, their first single with an ironic comment about the Western idealization of vacations in the Tropic. After a year of touring on Swedish festivals like Live at Heart and several venues around the country, the band has been featured on radio stations and local press channels.

Go follow the band’s wacky advice and “Prepare your mouth with some looney tunes” as they start passing on their doobie-doobieness to worldwide audiences in 2018!

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