Min tur

Genre: Pop

An Energetic Anthem For the Heartbroken

So many love songs have been written, that you could almost make entire subgenres of music purely based on the stage of the relationship they drew inspiration from. When the “aftermath” phase comes, it’s time for a breakup anthem like “Min Tur” (My Turn), Jacob Nilsson’s debut single.

And we say “anthem” because the song has a lively summer festival vibe to it. You can almost feel the hundreds of voices singing to the catchy melody of the chorus. But don’t let the song’s energetic feel fool you into only paying attention to the music: The lyrics matter. So much so, that the uplifting tone is mainly a support to the encouraging message behind the words. In that sense, more than telling a story, they’re inviting you to wake up after being stuck in an ugly heartbreak while your ex has long moved on.

You left your soap behind
Now it’s time for me to wash you away

As a breakup anthem, the song is almost at the emotional stage where you could start singing “I Will Survive”, but not just yet. In order to get to the epic Gloria Gaynor phase, you need to wake up first and realize it might be time to move on. This is when a song like “Min Tur” comes in really handy.

You can imagine Jacob Nilsson as a mixture between Baloo the Bear and Aladdin’s Genie: A good and funny guy, but by no means a doormat. “The dream of a mother in law”, as Jacob himself would say. As a Christian boy growing up in a small Swedish town in the region of Värmland, he integrates his years of artistic training as a performer in musicals with his values and life experiences. The musical result of this journey is an easygoing, very Swedish type of pop with influences from both Broadway and iconic artists like Shawn Mendes and Justin Timberlake. After intensive recording work at Rexius Records’ studios in 2017, Jacob is ready to release his debut single and reach audiences in his native Sweden and Norway at the beginning of 2018.

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