Ernest Noah

Genre: Pop

Label: Rexius Records

The Return of the Venus-Chameleon

Swedish artist Ernest Noah embodies the very real distinction between a mere singer and a full-on performer: Having a good voice is one thing, but being able to actually treat listeners to a liberating experience as you perform on stage is another. Bringing retro back while maintaining a sophisticated pop sound, his music could be described as an intersection somewhere between George Michael and Shawn Mendes.

Starting as a singer-songwriter inspired by the likes of Queen and Elton John, Ernest Noah’s musical journey has taken him through experimental jazz, p-funk, motown, disco and back again. A type of versatility earned through years of performance and collaboration with a great variety of musicians: Everything from singing with Sweden’s most renowned Big Band and working as an artist in Greece, Thailand and Norway; to writing top-of-the-charts songs for Japanese boy band Sexy Zone. Under the name ColorShift, together with producer Ben Buster, he released the single Fight Until We Fall (2015), which captured the attention of Swedish radio and made the top 10 for upcoming artists for one week.

Noah personifies the classic figure of what you could call the ”Venus”: A magnetic, kind of extravagant artistic personality that invokes sensuous androgyny and encourages uncensored self-expression in their fans. His lyrics and stage performance are extroverted – not shallow, though: He’s able to express strong opinions while keeping a sense of humor.

He got signed to Rexius Records in 2017 and released “Let It Be” in 2018, a single that earned him features on playlists like “New Nordic Friday” and “Good Vibes” by The Drunken Coconut.

His debut was also positively highlighted by blogs such as, cesarliveandloud and Aipate, who described Noah’s music as “an epic record, and possibly, a pop anthem”.

His upcoming single “Miss Z” will be available on August 16th, followed by the release of his debut album “Gold” this fall.

”He puts everyone into a dance mood.”

Releases and News

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Let It Be

Modern Jealousy with a Decidedly 80s-Groove

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