Mother Mink
Genre: Alt Pop

A Pina colada oozing psych indie explosion

The new single Coconut is a Pina colada oozing psych indie explosion from theatric electro popband Mother Mink.

– ”Experiment and hit making is not two separate issues for us”, says Mother Mink.

As usual, when Mother Mink releases new material there are dozens of fresh influences baked into the mix.

This time, the inspiration comes from the tropical paradises but the band’s sound is still distinct with rough drum loops, bit crushed synthesizers and Johan Axelsson’s sub baritone saxophone. And like that wasn’t enough, on top of this Mother Mink also spices things up with the charismatic singer Fanny Wistrands’s soulful voice.

Coconut is all about the exotic dream of the tropics. The tune is a comment on the blownup expectations of the perfect vacation that prevails in today’s western society. The tune is about how tourism really can destroy a country.

In the end, it’s a heads up to seizing the day and be happy with what you have! Happiness is all around you, not only on a tropical beach at the other side of the world.

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