Bobby Blaque

Genre: Hip-Hop

Label: Rexius Records

Post-bubblegum trap with an extra layer

Bobby Blaque, born Andrés Camillo, was adopted from his homeland of Colombia at the age of three, and raised as Karl Lindholm in Luleå, Sweden. Experiencing the identity crisis that a lot of trans-racially adopted children do, Andrés left Luleå shortly after high-school, heading straight for Stockholm. After years of trying to discover who he is, he found himself in a position he didn’t like. On a whim based on recommendations from a friend, he moved to Gothenburg and eventually started to dabble with music as a form of expression.

After a couple of hundred attempts at cloning the autotune crooning of artists like Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert, he found his place in the lighter side of the trap scene — instead taking inspiration from the happy raps underground scene and artists such as pinkcaravan! and Sam Stan. Combining forces with artist/producer omgitsbxrt (of hollowgang), Bobby Blaque created his own lane in urban pop rap, with a lush organic soundscape that takes the rich and eloquent compositions from the likes of Ryan Lewis and Ramin Djawadi, puts them together with the hard groovy  rythm’s of modern Hip-Hop and finally sprinkles the whole cake with the simple, catchy melodies of pop music.

The result is best defined as the bastard child of the Alternative Hip Hop scene during its long-running affair with Bubblegum Pop music, commonly referred to as Bubblegum Rap or Bubblegum Trap. Energetic productions filled to the brim with life combined with catchy melodies and simplistic, yet refined lyricism. While the identity crisis lies at the core of his penmanship, Bobby Blaque chooses to focus a lot more on the positive than the negative — keeping the themes and topics of his songwriting light with deeper roots.

The experiment  of combining the two turned out to be a massive success, with Thirty Rack$ quickly becoming the fastest growing song in Rexius Records History, reaching the 1,000,000 mark in a record breaking 73 days. With a ton of new music in the works, and way over 200,000 anxious fans — Bobby Blaque seems to be an unstoppable force.


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Thirty Rack$

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