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  • Small Steps
  • Stardust
  • CNT B US Cover Art
    CNT B US
  • Never Let You Go
  • One
  • Drama Cover Art
  • Similan
  • Right

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In everything we do at Rexius Records, we are taking music to a whole new level. We started by taking artists to the next level and now we have increased our scope to also help other labels, managers and producers. Thanks to our talented team combined with old and experienced partners in the business, we’re able to support an artist in all their endeavours. From Songwriting, Recording, Mixing & Mastering, to helping them go independent with our Label Services.

We’re an indie-major record label that challenges the existing structures in the music business, focused on helping any artist striving for growth and independence no matter genre or the number of fans. What matters is the music itself and the passion for getting a little bit better every day.

Rexius Records was founded in 2013 by Mathias Rexius and is currently seated at the creative space The Stream in Mölndal. We have collaboration studios located in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Hamburg and we work with partners all over the world to provide artists with support no matter where in the world you may be.

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