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Our contracts are designed to adapt to the unique potential of each artist, offering a flexible path from discovery to achieving their goals.

Through data-driven, strategic investments by all parties, we ensure that every artist has the ideal conditions to maximize their success while maintaining independence.

1. Flexible Approach

Our projects are tailored specifically to your aspirations and developmental stage.

2. short contracts

Our artists are here because they want to – not because they’re tied down by long-term contracts.

3. Long-Term Vision

Our commitment to short contracts does not compromise our dedication to your sustainable, long-term career.

4. Shared risk and royalties

Artists retain the majority of royalties, exceeding 50%. This is facilitated by our mutual risk-sharing model, which avoids recoups and advances.





Discovery & Agreement

We scout talent and conduct preliminary meetings to ensure a good mutual fit and establish a recommended path. Selected artists sign a Dynamic Release Agreement, which is flexible and project-based, designed for long-term collaboration with shared risks and royalties.

Project Start

Collaborate on music creation, artist development, visual production (etc.) according to the contract, preparing for the initial market test.


Market Testing


Testing & Feedback

After completing mixing, we conduct a small market test, evaluating feedback from our network, the artist, and our team.

Decision Point

Based on the market test:

  • Positive feedback initiates planning for an expanded release with more resources.
  • Mixed or negative feedback maintains the initial, low-risk and resource-conservative release plan.




Expansion Discussion

If the market response is favorable, we discuss the scope of the release, adjusting the contract to include more resources for a wider release

Preparation & Execution

We finalize production and preparations, then launch promotional activities. At designated post-release decision points, we evaluate success against specific criteria to determine further investment based on available opportunities.


Opportunity Tier


Evaluation & Progression

We continuously analyze the performance of the release to identify new opportunities for advancement.

Opportunity Execution

We pursue the most valuable promotional opportunities to maximize the impact of the release.


Reiteration and Proof of Concept


Repeat and Refine

Success in music isn’t guaranteed. We embrace this reality by planning for challenges and responding with strategic iteration. We refine our approach with each release, one contract at a time.

Achieving Proof of Concept

Our focus is on nurturing emerging talent, recognizing our role as a launchpad to bigger opportunities. We aim to reach a “Proof of Concept” milestone, typically achieving at least 1 million streams on a single track, which opens new possibilities.

Partnership Development

When proof of concept is achieved, we actively seek the partnerships within the music industry, if that is your goal, to elevate your career. Whether it’s with major record labels, publishers, booking agencies, or management firms, our goal is to connect you with partners who can take your success to the next level.


Why do you start everyone off with a low risk low resource release?

The initial Release Scope  serves as a low-risk, starting point for both the artist and Rexius Records. We call it the Launchpad Release and this allows us to test the market and gather insights into the song’s potential before scaling the investment for both parties. The focus is to provide a flexible model that can be adapted according to real-world feedback.

What happens if my song tests poorly in the initial market test?

 If the song doesn’t resonate in the initial market test, it stays within the scope of the Launchpad Release. The Launchpad Release is designed to still provide value by offering distribution and basic promotional activities.

What kind of artists do you work with?

We have a strong focus on helping talented undiscovered or upcoming artist taking the next steps in their careers. We understand the needs of artists who have tried everything, maybe even losing hope or feel lost in today’s competitive market.

Please see the criteria we use below to find artists who are a good fit with us.

What criteria do you have for getting accepted into a signing?

While our doors are open to a vast array of artists, our selection process is thoughtful and strategic. We look for artists with potential—not just in their current talent but in their drive, vision, and readiness to evolve. Our goal is to identify those who can truly benefit from our partnership, ensuring that both sides invest where the investment can make a real difference.

More specifically, if you’re wondering whether you fit the bill, here are the criteria we look for:


Core Criteria:

  • Quality and Potential of Demo
    • The quality of your demo is not so important, however, the songwriting should hold the potential to make an impact in the industry.
  • Vocal Excellence
    • The vocal sound of the singer should be compelling and unique.
  • Alignment with Our Values and Business Model
    • It’s crucial that your ethos, vision, and working style mesh well with ours. A shared outlook ensures a harmonious and productive relationship.
  • Prior Music Releases
    • Artists should have at least one song already released on platforms like Spotify. If not, starting with our Foundation Agreement would be the recommended pathway.


Attitudinal Criteria:

  • Drive and Ambition
    • We seek artists who are motivated to take their career to the next level. A drive to succeed is often as important as talent.
  • Willingness to Invest Effort and budget
    • The artist must be prepared to contribute their time, energy and budget into not just music production but also promotional activities. We typically divide the promotion efforts to what the artist does best and what the label does best.
  • Openness to Feedback
    • The ability to accept, process, and act on constructive criticism is vital. We believe that growth occurs in a space of honest dialogue and adjustment.

Can I still release music independently after signing with Rexius Records?

Our contracts are designed to provide artists with flexibility. Depending on the specific terms of your contract, you are able to release works independently even during the project with us. We strive for a balance that supports your growth both within and outside our label. The key is good communication so we time the releases well.

How does Rexius Records promote its artists?

We employ a solid process with a mix of tried and tested traditional and digital marketing strategies slightly tailored to each artist’s style, audience, and genre.

We divide the work between us and the artist where each party is the strongest. For example, we work on building resources, network, pitching tools, and knowledge to support all our artists at the same time. While the artist focuses on things that they can do more efficiently and more resourceful like social media.

But it’s not only about what we do. We have a strong focus on strategically betting on things with a positive market test and try to create unique and outstanding music as well as a brand that stands through the noise. In today’s competition, we need to ace three parameters: music, brand and promotion, to stand a chance. If any of these pillars fall, everything falls.

What is done in the low risk low resource release?

A Launchpad release consists of a project management, pre-release test, distribution with us as a record label, royalty management and monitoring of the release for unlocking of opportunities.

What determines a switch to an expanded Release with more resources?

The decision to switch to a more resource heavy release is based on a positive market test, team feedback, and your own enthusiasm and capabilities for the project. This process is also formalized through an option to amend the initial contract with a given scope, allowing for a larger budget and more extensive promotional activities. The budget of the scope and revenue terms is split between the artist and Rexius according to the new agreement. 

A combination of different financial structures are available ranging from recoups, subsidies, to partial and direct payments depending on both sides current  capabilities, risk appetite and enthusiasm.

How is the Expanded Release different from Low Risk Release?

A Full-Sized Momentum Release involves a significantly larger scale of promotional activities, including influencer pitching, playlist pitching, and potential add-ons such as radio pitching , sync opportunities etc.  It’s designed to give your music the best chance for widespread exposure and success.

Which distributor do you use?

We are partners with Symphonics Distribution which offers a lot of premium distribution opportunities and promotional help,  for labels. Symphonic is a 100% independent company offering digital music distribution services, video distribution, royalty collection, music promotion. Symphonic is like our extended marketing team which offers catalog management and monetization services, DSP playlist pitching, discovery mode, best in class dedicated client support, marketing tools and other services.

Can you give me some success stories?

Of course!

Our vision is to help as many artists as possible to reach their goals. So far we have worked with more than 400 artists from over 30 countries in both big and small project. Every one have had different goals so the way we analyze our performance is generally if the artist after a project with us believes they are at a new level than before.

Since goals are different and also the budget spent on reaching that goal, our numbers might not be relevant for you. But some of the stats many artists are looking for are:

  • 100+ million streams generated since 2018
  • 89% would recommend us to another artist
  • 78% feel they have reached the next level after a project with us

We are not perfect and believe it is important to be transparent with our shortcomings as well. You should know that we are working hard to reduce our weaknesses.

Some negative feedback we’ve heard:

  • Unmet expectations
  • Preference for more traditional communication (face-to-face)
  • Sometimes rigid processes make things take time.

Some typical positive Feedback:

  • Improvement in music and learning
  • Team attitude
  • Positive impact on streams and playlists
  • Strong Communication
  • Professional Enhancement
  • Support and opportunities
  • Improvement of brand and visuals
  • Creative Freedom

For more detailed case studies and testimonials. Please see here.

What should I know before signing with Rexius Records

Being a record label comes with a lot of presumptions and expectations. We believe it is better to be upfront and transparent with what you can expect from us since we are a unique organization and have our own quirks for better and worse.

We have written an in-depth answer to this question here.

Your journey begins now. Drop us your demo.