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Located in the heart of Stockholm, Rexius Records’ professional music studio is available to talented local and international musicians who want to record their music at a word-class level.

We do everything from drum recording to mixing and mastering. Do you need to get in touch with a professional music producer or rent a recording studio in Stockholm? In collaboration with Studio Crusner, Rexius Records runs a fantastic music studio with excellent acoustics. You get the highest recording quality in the industry at a very good price.

Take your music to the next level, no matter if you’re recording a demo, single, EP or album.

Music Studio in Stockholm

There are really good conditions to create the perfect sound at Studio Crusner, our recording studio located in Hägersten, Stockholm. We do everything from drum recording to mixing and mastering. The studio environment and acoustics are top-notch modern, and when it comes to gear, there is plenty to spare!

He makes sure to get a fantastic sound and effective work out of your session, and coaches you towards performing at your best. He strives for the highest quality and is not satisfied before the song sounds amazing. Musikstudio Stockholm

Gear in our Stockholm studio

We’ve been gathering the top-level gear in our Stockholm studio for years: The industry’s leading equipment when it comes to pre-amps, microphones, software and instruments. The studio is also an excellent mix and mastering room.

AD/DA: RME, Digidesign.

Mickar: AKG, RØDE, Shure, Ribocop, Sontronics.

Pre-amps: Universal Audio, SSL, HHB, TL Audio, Crest.

Monitors: Genelec, VXT, Blue Sky.

Drums: Tama Starclassic, DR Customs, Rogers, Roland.

DAW: Logic Pro.

Inspelningsstudio Stockholm Truminspelning stockholmIf you’re interested in recording with our music producers, send us your inquiry and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Notice that there’s a lot of people waiting in line to record their projects, so waiting time can occur. This is mainly concerning our producers and the most attractive recording hours.

But contact us anyway, that way we can book you in as fast as we can!

Talk to a professional music producer today - 070 445 95 28 (09.00-18.00)

Meet our producers


Jonathan Thorpenberg


Educated at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. He works mostly as an EDM/Electropop songwriter and has written most original songs for our solo artists. Jonathan is also a quite competent lead singer and guitarist on Swedish Metal act The Unguided, as well as Empress. We think he’s a total genius when it comes to sound design and any kind of mixing.

Reference song EDM / Electro Pop.

Alexander Asp Songwriter Music Producer

Alexander Asp


Alexander is an incredibly competent musician and music producer who plays almost any instrument out there. He’s a magical songwriter when it comes to acoustic genres. Educated at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, he works fulltime as a producer and solo artist.

He sold gold recently with his acoustic song “Cold Winter Love”released through Sony Music.


Tim Carlberg


Stemming from one of the smallest town Sweden has to offer, Tim has thrived and found work through his strong network and drive to take artists to the next level. He’s one of Rexius’ latest additions on the production side, being an experienced songwriter and producer on Pop, Hip Hop and R&B.  As a creative person, he understands how to make proper use of all skills needed within music production, music video production, photography and Graphic Design.

Here are some examples of his work

Mathias Rexius Music Producer Songwriter

Mathias Rexius


Founder of the label with a degree from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Mathias is an enormously competent guitarist, so if you’re a Metal/Rock band  suffering from writer’s block or looking for a producer, he’s your guy. He’s performed for more than 17.000 people and is definitely the strongest member of the label.

Here’s a Hard Rock song he wrote for Empress.


Rexius Records is an “indie-major” label that challenges the existing structures in the music industry. We stand up for all artists who strive for improvement and creative freedom, regardless of the genre or the size of their fan base. What’s important to us is the music and the passion to get better at what you do every day.

Counseling before, during and after

A recording is actually just the beginning of a dream. Rexius Records is a record label and knows what is needed to create really good music. We give you advice on how you can prepare yourself prior to the recording, provide coaching during the sessions for you to perform at your best, and can give you tips on how to reach out with your music afterwards.

Everything under the same roof

Get help with everything you need in order to create a successful music project. Other services Rexius Records provides:

  • Songwriting
  • Recording
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Session musicians
  • Video production
  • Live sessions
  • Visual produktion
  • Artist development
  • Promotion
  • And more!

Professional music producers

Highly competent music producers are involved in all our productions. We have specialists within Rock, Pop, Metal, Country, Singer/Songwriter, Electronic, Dance/EDM, Blues, Syth, R&B, Hip Hop/Soul, among others. They also mix and master their respective genres.

We have generated over 9.5 million streams on Spotify together through the productions we’ve been a part of.

Get a free consultation on your project!

Give us a short description of your project. A specialized producer will contact you to offer advice about how you can succeed at it. No obligations!

We always reply as fast as we can, often within one work day.

Notice that there’s a lot of people waiting in line to record their projects, so waiting time can occur. This is mainly concerning our producers and the most attractive recording hours. But contact us anyway, that way we can book you in as fast as we can!



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