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Hamburg studio

Glade Media Recording Studio in Hamburg

Rexius Records collaborate with recording studios all around the world. We are glad to introduce our recording studio in Hamburg with our partner Glade Media. Being a Rexius studio is a quality stamp. Every finished recording from our collaborator studio is of very high production quality and are “release ready”. That means that the sound, production, mix and mastering won’t be a hinder for a release with one of our labels.

The Studio has two rooms. The main room / control room is used for recording, mixing and mastering. The sound is pretty dry for recording purposes but the acoustics produce good room tones with hallwaymicing. The second room is a small vocal-booth right beside the main room which is used for dry vocal and electric guitar recordings.

  • Composing
  • Production
  • Recording
  • Drum Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering (high level mastering as well as EBU R128 loudness recommendation and other industry standards.)

Get in touch with the Hamburg Recording Studio

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    How long is a full day?

    It’s 9 h wherein one hour is considered time for breaks. I you book a half day it’s 4 hours without any breaks.

    Can I borrow instruments from you?

    Yes, you can borrow most instruments like guitars and basses. Drums however can be borrowed for a fee of $100 per day. Cymbals will not be included in this price and isn’t anything we offer to rent.

    Is there anything I need to bring to the studio, or something I have to prepare before showing up on the recording day?

    We actually have a checklist with everything you need to prepare in order to avoid wasting time during the recording session. Check it out here.

    Can you help me play instruments I can’t play myself?

    Almost all of our producers are multi instrumentalists so they will be able to help you if you struggle with something. If you can’t play an instrument at all, you will however need to hire someone for the job. The prices for this depends on the instrument, and on the level of difficulty the arrangement requires on the specific instrument. We always let you know the price in advance before any recording.

    Do you have the gear I need for my recording?

    We do not have everything, and a studio is a never ending project. Therefore we can not promise you that we have the exact gear you’re looking for. If you’re looking for, let’s say, a specific microphone for your project, please read our gear list first and see if it’s there. If it’s not, you can always ask us and we can either borrow it from another studio or purchase it if we feel like it would benefit the studio in the future.

    Can I rent the studio without a producer?

    Unfortunately, we don’t allow anyone to rent our studio for their own use. This is because there are too many valuable microphones, guitars, basses and so on in there. Things break over time if we’re not careful and we don’t want our relationship with you jeopardized by blaming you for breaking our stuff. Also, it’s always better to work with someone who knows the studio better than you do.

    Will I get a better price if I book a lot of timeslots in the studio?

    We do not work with discounts for a number of reasons. To only name a few, we work hard to maintain standards in our studios and that’s something that costs a lot. Our producers are world class and to be able to keep on working with them the prices will have to be what they are. We work with a number of signed artists who we will help financially on various projects, and if we started handing out discounts left and right we would treat every project like a signing. This wouldn’t just be something we can’t afford to do, but also be really rude to the signed acts.

    What if I don’t manage to finish the recording within the days I booked?

    If we only need a few extra hours to get it done, then it’s no problem, we can stay until it’s ready. But if we need more than a couple of hours, then you have to book extra time. We usually recommend to complete the current tracks for the given day before going home, even if it takes a couple of extra hours that day. This will minimize the need for booking extra days in the end.

    My producer takes too much time from my project, can I get a refund?

    Sometimes the artist can feel like the producer takes too much time setting up the drums or creating the perfect guitar sound, and this is completely normal. A real recording in a professional studio takes time and effort, and we won’t apologize for taking the right amount of time to make your music sound like a million dollars. If we had some technical problems in the studio however, we would be more than happy to book a new spot in the studio to make up for the time you’ve lost.

    I just have the lyrics and no song. Can we still record?

    Yes of course, but we strongly suggest that you take a look at our songwriting services instead, as a recording project can result in a lot of time and money wasting. The less prepared you are when you enter the studio, the more time consuming it will be, which leads to higher costs in money. If you’re still looking to recording your project like this you should, but just know that there are other options.