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Smart licensing

Ready for a second chance?

Sometimes, there’s no need to create new music. If you have already released an awesome song with Distrokid that hasn’t got the attention it deserves we are ready to license your song and take your music to the next level.


  • Song already released (If you would like us to sign unreleased music please visit our Demo Submission).
  • Song distributed via DistroKid
    (Here’s a discount if you would like to change:
  • You have a Spotify for Artist page.


  • 50/50 deal.
  • You own the master right (we license your song).
  • You own copyright, publishing and song right too (or your publishing/record label).
  • No advances/recoups.
  • No hidden costs/fees.

What you can expect

  • We promote your music with playlist campaigns and depending on these results, we’ll do other marketing efforts.
  • Mainstream genres can expect more streams than non-mainstream genres.
  • If your song is approved you will receive more information and a contract proposal. Simply filling in the form is not a binding agreement and you are not obliged to release your song together with us.