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The Artist Springboard

The Artist Springboard is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and cohesive set of tools and strategies, making you more attractive as an artist and more appealing to fans, as well as giving us the best prerequisites to reach out with your music. Shaped to give long-term impact way past your current release, it will act as a solid foundation for your future career.


Build Your Brand

We’ll help you create a strong brand that amplifies your music’s impact, attracting more fans, industry professionals, and opportunities. A well-defined brand builds trust and credibility, making it easier for people to remember and support you, essentially allowing you to stand out in a saturated market.


What's included

Brand Session

We'll go through your artistry and visual appearance together with our Art Director.
Discover how you are unique and together we will create your brand and visual identity.

Visual Guidelines

Our Art Director will develop a curated visual inspiration board that will function as
a base for your visual brand and help guide your overall artistic direction.

Marketing and Visual Brief

A detailed document outlining your target audience, visual identity, and communication strategies. This brief serves as a guideline for future communication and release work.

Artist Biography

A search engine and algorithmically optimized artist bio to use wherever you need
to describe yourself such as in marketing communications, Spotify profile, rider, etc.

Basic Brand Book

Our Art Director will set up a basic digital Brand Book including essential visual
elements to ensure a consistent and cohesive brand. Logo, symbols, color palette,
imagery etc. See examples

Visual and Music Feedback

We provide feedback on your music and visual content sent to us, ensuring alignment with your branding, marketing and production goals.*

Basic Photo & Video Editing

We offer professional photo and video editing services available to give you the opportunity to create stunning visual content that reflects your ideas if you feel restricted by your visual skills.**


Creation of unique, high-quality, print-on-demand merchandise featuring your branding. Integrated to Spotify allowing fans to easily purchase merch directly from your artist profile.***

See examples

* Please note that this does not include actual production of any visual content. **Limited to color correction and basic editing of 5 release essential items such as press photos, artwork, Spotify canvas, Instagram stories, etc. ***Up to 3 products based on an existing design (logo, artwork, symbol etc).


Marketing, Strategy
and Planning

Our strategic roadmaps will help guide your journey and connect with your target audience, build a fan base, differentiate yourself, and stay relevant. Strategic planning and marketing efforts will give you the opportunity to gain a competitive edge and more efficiently navigate the complexities of the industry to achieve your desired level of success.

Part 2: Marketing, Strategy and Planning

What's included

Project Plan

A simple but clear roadmap outlining the milestones and deadlines which will enhance communication and efficiency in the project.

Release Strategy

A collaborative strategic document intended to give you insight on strategies and tactics that can be utilize when producing music for, and reaching out to "a market".

Marketing Plan

A document outlining the overall marketing goals, strategies and release plan. This document is used externally to communicate our marketing efforts to our distributor, but also internally to create transparency of goals and responsibilities for label and artist.


Guidance and advice to fit your needs

Our Artist Support Function is more than just a help center – it’s a tool for growth, a resource for knowledge, and a community for our artists. We believe that the more informed you are, the more confidently you can navigate your path in the music industry. So don’t hesitate – ask away, learn, grow, and let your music shine brighter than ever.

Part 3: Guidance and Advice

What's included

Support Desk

Our support desk is equipped with a wealth of information about every facet of the industry, from navigating contracts to understanding royalty structures, Spotify Hacks and more.

A&R Contact Person

Got a question that needs a personal touch? Our A&R will be there for you during the entire project if you feel lost and need some guidance.

Learning Resources

In addition to real-time support, our vast library of guides, tutorials, and articles is there to help you deepen your understanding of the music industry at your own pace.

Community Interaction

If needed our A&Rs will put you in touch with, for example, a producer, topline or songwriter to collaborate on your next project, or just to share insights and learn from each other in a supportive, collaborative environment.

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