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What we do

Elevate your music career with our full spectrum of industry services.

Part 1 of 3

Artist Signings & Deals

Signings for Up-And-Coming Artists

Tailored strategies for artists on the rise.

Licensing Deals

Custom licensing solutions to propel your music worldwide.

A.M.P. Subscription

Feedback and advice when you need it.

Artist Springboard

Our all-inclusive artist booster package.

Part 2 of 3

Music Production


Co-create hits with our award-winning songwriters.


Capture your sound in our state-of-the-art recording studios.

Mixing & Mastering

Expert audio engineering for all genres.

Production Agency Network

Connect with world-class producers, sound engineers and more.

Music Feedback

Elevate your music with professional feedback and guidance.

Part 3 of 3

Visual Production

Visual Branding Package for Artists

All-inclusive branding solutions for artists.

Cover Artwork & Spotify Canvas Design

Give your fans the complete sensory experience.

Promo Material & Release Content Design

All the content needed to promote your music.

Merch Design & Sales

Streamlined merch design, production, and sales.

Visual Agency Network

Connect with top designers for all your branding needs.