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Rexius records artist signings

Dynamic signings
based on where you are going

The traditional record label deal is largely outdated and based on old structures and needs in the music business. We believe there’s another more efficient way to develop and promote talented  artists. Every artist has unique needs in regards of independence, creative control, production, skills, goals, financing, risk tolerance and where they are in their career. At Rexius we have as many deals as artists but you can see the common factors below.

1. flexible

Based completely on your needs and where you are going.

2. short contracts

The artists at our label are here because they want to, not because they are locked in a contract.

3. long term thinking

Even though we have short contract we plan for your career to be sustainable for the long term. No quick fixes.

4. Shared risk and royalties

The artist always have the majority share of the royalty. That means more than 50%. This is possible due to shared risk taking between artist and label. Hence, we do not work with recoups and advances.

Are you talented with a growth mindset?
Submit your demo today!

Who are you?

  • New, upcoming or soon to be established artist
  • Typically already released a couple of songs DIY with slight success
  • Growth mindset and susceptible for feedback
  • Looking for a bigger team
  • Want to kickstart a sustainable artist career
  • Need a larger audience
  • Don’t want to lose control
  • Might not know what’s the next step

How long time will a project take?

Our projects can vary a lot regarding how long time they can take. A project with an already finished master and artwork, will probably take 3-6 months between start-up meeting and evaluation. If we are about to record an album and you haven’t written the songs yet, the project could take way longer. The longest project so far was about 3 years for one album release project.

Key takeaway – we don’t want to stress. It’s better to create great music than rush to deadlines.

What kind of criteria does Rexius Records pay attention to?

We listen to your demo from the point of view of a record label, which means we pay attention to the stuff that qualifies an artist for a signing. In order to make our feedback as objective as possible, we have several specific aspects we focus on, such as:

– Songwriting: Everything from the form to the harmony and the melody, hook, etc.
– Recording: Includes aspects such as your musical performance and recording techniques.
– Postproduction: The mix and/or the mastering.

Who reviews my demo?

A member of the Rexius Records team of producers and A&Rs with years of experience in the music industry in USA and Sweden.

Why do you only sign “short” contracts?

We do only sign contracts on a project basis. We don’t want to bind artists to a long agreement, as the artist shouldn’t have to stay with us if they don’t want to, and the same thing vice versa. We strongly believe that our collaboration will work better this way, and if successful, will lead to many more projects together. However, we always do think long term with artists and our goal is to continue to sign new projects with you after our project is done. But it should not be a contractual obligation, both parties should want it!

In what quality do my demos need to be when we send them to you?

We do not focus on the quality at all when we are listening to demos for a signing project, but it is important that we can hear what’s happening in the song. For example, it’s better to send just the piano and vocals rather than a rehearsal studio demo where the sound is crappy. You don’t need to send a complete song either, but the bare minimum is a verse and a chorus.

However, for Song Licensing we are not looking at demos at all but already released music on Spotify and all other music services and now the quality needs to make the top 15 list of our roster of songs in the genre.

Do you recoup your share before us?

No, we split royalties based on the contracts percental split between us from day 1. We believe that everyone should get back at least what they put into the project, and hopefully more.

Sometimes when there is a clear financial or tax benefit in making a recoup, we might consider it but in that case it should be beneficial for both parties.

If I know a great Photographer or Music Producer, is it ok to work with them?

Sure, you should always work with people you trust. It’s important, however, that the photographers/music producers are aware of our processes and feedback process.