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record label ready mixing and mastering

Guaranteed to make you stand out from the noise

Reach the sound in you want with our mixing and mastering engineers in your genre for a unique and professional sound.
1. Take your music
to the next level

As a record label, we know the importance of quality in todays industry and offer Mixing and Mastering services that are guaranteed to make you stand out from the noise.

2. High-end Mix Engineers

Using exclusively Swedish Music Producers, we delivery record-label ready mixes in all the formats you need to distribute your music to Spotify, iTunes & other DSPs.

3. Tailor Made Pricing
for your needs

We understand that life as an artist can be expensive, and offer tailor made pricing solutions to help you take your music to the next level with skipping dinner.

4. Get Reviewed by
a Record Label

You have the chance to include the song you’re submitting for mix/master in our demo consideration process and skip the long queue.

  • Super easy mixing process
  • Tailor made pricing for your needs
  • Swedish and international music producers
  • Get reviewed by a record label
  • High-end mix engineers
  • Partial payments available
  • Secure payments: Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc


Mixing means to adjust every soundtrack on a song one by one. You can use EQ, compressors and different kinds of effects to create a certain sound. You can liken mixing with a chef that prepare all the ingredients for a meal, for example, you peel and chop the onion into the sizes that you want. Also, you need to make sure that the soundtracks blend together, not too much or less of every ingredient.


Mastering is a process where you adjust the sound and in this case a music recording that is already mixed. You use EQ, compression and noise reduction to prepare the song for a digital or analogue distribution. With the example above this means to cook the ingredients together and finish the meal, put it nicely on a plate. You also master the different songs so that they fit together on an eventual album. It involves adjusting the length of the silence between the tracks and to tag the songs with information such as ISRC-coding. Mastering includes work such as:

  • Fading for distortion, clipping, digital clicks
  • Compression with top quality analogue compression
  • Corrective equalisation
  • Phase and mono compatibility check
  • Radio, Earphones, Car, Laptop and club compatibility check
  • Spatial enhancement
  • Limiting and loudness control
  • Sample rate conversion
  • Fading in and out


When you mix and master with Rexius Records professional engineers we want to guarantee your satisfaction with the results. Therefore as many revisions as you want are included. A test mix and reamping is also included for every project. Our studio is located in central Gothenburg and the acoustics are designed by Per Sjösten, Ph.D in acoustics at Chalmers. The mix/mastering studio is also prepared for 360-mix/mastering.

We follow the digital technology development and offer the highest industry standard. Lead time for track is about 10 days, but of course depending on the size of the mix and mastering project and how fast you are in between the revisions to comment and give feedback. We also offer to record your project from scratch.

Online mastering service

When you use a service and send songs over internet it is called an online mastering service. To reach a unique and professional sound for a song it is necessary to get it mixed and mastered. You refine the recording through the mix and master and it doesn’t need to be that costly. The cost depends of course on how big the project is, how many tracks there are and how well recorded and edited the recording is.

When you compare different professional mix- and mastering offers it is important to think of what you get. What kind of style and experience has the engineer? How much time will the sound engineer add to the project? Of course, it is interesting to see what kind of gear and acoustics that the mix and mastering studio provides.

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    How does the Mix and Master service work?

    The process follows 3 simple stages. First, you upload your songs and customize your order to adapt it to your needs. You do that here.

    Then we hand over the job to the mixing producer that will suit your needs the best. We will send you the first mix of the audio within 7-10 days and, you will be able to give feedback and changes. You will be able to communicate with the mix engineer through the whole process, and make as many revisions you have chosen in your order.

    Last but not least, when you are happy with the mix, we will add the mastering to your song, and send you the file according to your order. If you have chosen a payment plan you will need to finish the payment before we send you the song in WAV.

    Do you have any work references so I can have an idea of what your mixes and masters sound like?

    Yes! Here’s a few projects before & after mix and master:

    What kind of genres do you mix/master?

    It really doesn’t matter which genre you work with, as long as it’s some kind of organized sound. We work with everything within music.

    Do you have special discounts or packages depending on how many songs I submit?

    Unfortunately not. In order to take your music to the next level, we need to maintain the highest quality standards. We’re neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive studio out there. But for us to guarantee that our producers will do their best and keep up with deadlines, we need to be consistent with our mixing and mastering prices.

    Can I get a free test mix/master?

    Unfortunately not. As we mentioned above, we work on a guarantee basis by taking your music to the next level. What the next level is depends on the quality of the files we receive. If your song is poorly recorded, we will make it okay. If your song is properly recorded we will make it great!

    Can I book your studio in order to do my own mixing/mastering?

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to rent our studio for own use. This is because there are too much valuable equipment such as microphones, guitars, basses and so on in there. Things break over time if we’re not careful, and we don’t want our relationship with you jeopardised by blaming you for breaking our stuff. Also, it’s always better to work with someone who knows the studio better than you do.

    Will you help me promote the mixed/mastered song?

    This is not a signing or promotional deal, which means we won’t help you with marketing and PR. However, if you’re really talented we’re always interested in a further cooperation. If you’d like to become a part of the Rexius Records’ fellowship of awesome artists, you have the chance to include the song you’re submitting for mix/master in our demo consideration process. You do this by clicking on “I want Rexius Records to review my song” on your order.

    Can I be in the studio while my music is getting mixed/mastered?

    Theoretically yes, if you live near any of our studios. It will be a lot more expensive, though: If you want to be there, you need to book (and pay) for a day (or half a day) in the studio. Besides, the producer’s work can become way less effective and slower that way.

    Can you make my song sound as loud as possible?

    There’s a loudness war out there! Technically speaking, there’s nothing that keeps us from mastering as loud as possible. Take in mind though, that for each dB you increase, your music will lose more and more dynamics. Just compare Led Zeppelin’s sound to today’s Metallica and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Also keep in mind that most streaming services will lower the playback volume of your “loud” track.

    Can I take a track/beat on YouTube and lay my vocals/rapping on top of it?

    This is something we don’t recommend because we don’t take any legal responsibility in case you don’t have permission to use the track. If you really want to use it, you should contact the owner and buy the license (or the loose track depending on the music).

    There is no technical impediment for us to work with your vocals and the track you got. It won’t become an ultimate mix because we don’t own all stems (single audio files from the DAW), so we can’t alter any further details as we would with the original session.

    Do I still own my song after the mixing and/or mastering?

    Yes! This is a work-for-hire agreement, which means you are the owner of the master. You own the right to do as you wish with your song.

    Can I make any changes on my song after receiving your producer’s final mix and/or master?

    Yes, like we said, you’re the owner. For an extra fee, you can also get all stems (individual audio files from the DAW session) for you to use them freely if you wish.

    What are revisions, and how many can I get?

    Revisions are any changes you can ask us to do after we send you the mix/master. You usually get 3 per project, but you can get unlimited revisions for an extra fee. Revisions are not supposed to be treated as a trial and error process. This means that you will not be able to make the producer try different things and then start over time after time. If you chose unlimited revisions, you still need to go aim for the sound you and the producer agreed on from the beginning.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    If it’s evident that the mix/master has a bad quality, we take responsibility for our producer’s job. BUT it’s really important that you let us know that you’re not satisfied with the result on the 3rd mix at the latest. This is a stage when you already can get a sense how the mix is going to turn out. On later mixes, major changes to the work in progress are unfortunately not possible.

    I’m not a professional musician, can you make me sound better through your mixing and mastering skills?

    We work on taking your music to the next level. This means that the quality of the mix and master will depend on how good the performance, recording and editing is. If it’s bad, we will work our hardest to make it sound OK, but we can’t perform miracles in the studio.