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would recommend us to another artist after at project with us
as per 2024-04-01

I have learned tons and my music has gotten better because of it! You also provided me with help on things I couldn't do like good production. Y'all are extremely upfront and all about helping me learn. Y'all don't rush things which is good because I tend to sometimes. And you are all just nice cool people!

SchmittySong Release

I don't regret for a second signing with Rexius Records. The people I've met and worked with over there have been nothing but kind, hard working and very knowledgeable when it comes to the business. Whether it's just small talking or business, they've been nothing but funny, polite and right to the point, and the collaboration we've begun is something I hope will continue for years to come!

XersizeArtist Launch

I love working with you guys, I wouldn't have got to where I am without you, so thank you!

Sophia GripariLicensing

A big thanks for everything that you do for me as artist and for continuing to believe in my music. It's wonderful to be a part of Rexius Records!

Ernest NoahSong Release

This may be isolated to just me, but I WANTED my music to do well after signing with Rexius, as in, I felt like I was just a passenger on my musical journey instead of taking hold of it. I started taking things really seriously (during the project).
I was surprised with the success of my second project. it got picked up on release radar and got quite a bit of playtime on playlists.

J.M Faupel

I would say I am very likely to recommend Rexius Records to other musicians/friends who already have big visions of how they want their artistry/career to go, and have the financial means necessary but don't have all of the resources or team members needed. Rexius gives a lot of freedom in terms of creative control, and that is priceless for such artists.
I wouldn't recommend Rexius to someone who just wants to do one thing in the music industry, I think Rexius is better for the types of artists I mentioned before.
I also wouldn't recommend Rexius to some musicians/friends because it doesn't give a lot of financial support to new artists. I understand this is because of the risk involved, but it is expensive. If Rexius provided more financial support, I believe this would result in a greater sense of success & freedom in the artist, which would result in an overall better product.


The review process forces us to level up production quality to a detail we would never have done. Also, the marketing support was really enlightening. Felt that we got an education ^_^
What was the best part of your project with us?
"er ... all of it?"

ARQ : Azlan Ramli Quartet

The lift in spotify numbers and playlists as well as the help with branding.

Love & Axel

After a second project together, consisting of two songs, I feel we have taken another step forward. I am endlessly grateful for everything amazing you do for me - the chances you have given me so far. As a record company (and mentors), you are incomparably good. Thanks thanks thanks.
The best thing about this project was probably experiencing your support when the whole team was deployed. The whole process has been smooth, efficient and positive. I really feel that you want my best as an artist and that you support my development. You are constructive, honest and fair. Already after four songs together, I find myself in a completely new place musically - it's thanks to both you and producer Petter Lithvall. I also feel that we understand each other; that you understand where I'm going with my songs. But, I am happy to investigate that further…

Edvin Stais

I have learned a lot thanks to you guys!
and the feedback on the songs has been great! The only nonpositive thing is the communication! Im a bit old-school and like to talk face too face! things could have been done a lot faster that way!



King of Little Sweden

Scandinavian Pop loved by fans and algorithms

→ Pop
⌗ Song Release

Streams before project: < 30,000
Streams after project: 3,070,000
Monthly Listeners: 12,909
(April 2022)

King of Little Sweden has a strong presence on algorithmic playlists and has been added to over 29,000 playlists!

Christine Ekeberg

Norwegian 360 artist, performer and songwriter

→ Pop
⌗ Song Release and Artist Launch

Streams before project: < 30,000
Streams after project: 330,000
Monthly Listeners: 18,000
(April 2022)

Added to Radio and Discover Weekly algorithmic playlists. Critical acclaimed releases hitting Submit Hub charts and added to over 2300 playlists on Spotify. Songwriter and topline for 1,1 million streaming "Under Water" a collaboration between another Rexius artist "Ljung".

Bobby Blaque

Viral Hit peaking at 27 000 streams in a day

→ Melodic Rap
⌗ Licensing
⌗ Song Release
⌗ Artist Launch

Streams before project: Had never release music
Streams after project: 3,846,000
Monthly Listeners: 16,454
(April 2022)

After hitting Viral 50 Australia, Ireland, and New Zeeland with the hit Thirty Rack$ Bobby has gained almost 4 million streams. Artistry is in place and generated interest from record labels.

Sanna Martinez

Millions of streams and the Eurovision SC

→ Pop
⌗ Song Release

Artist Launch
Streams before project: < 50,000
Streams after project: 5,700,000
Monthly Listeners: 43,000
(April 2022)

Sanna Martinez has since we started working together streamed millions, appeared both as songwriter and performer twice in the Icelandic Eurovision Song Contest Söngvakeppnin and reached Top 50 Chart and Viral Chart in Iceland. She has strong Algorithmic presence, strong Editorial presence and has been featured in over 53,000 playlists.


Colorful Pop with over 3 million streams

→ Pop
⌗ Song Release

Streams before project: < 50,000
Streams after project: 3,274,800
Monthly Listeners: 14,390
(April 2022)

Great coverage within Scandinavian Pop scene including Popmuzik, Scandipop and Alfitude. Reached millions of streams, got coverage from Spotify Editorial playlists and been added to more than 28 000 playlists.

Ernest Noah

From Songwriter to artist with Christmas hit

→ Pop
⌗ Song Release
⌗ Artist Launch

Streams before project: < 30,000
Streams after project: 2,700,000
Monthly Listeners: 23,884
(April 2022)

Together we’ve created a new artist moniker branding and released 13 songs. With a strong algorithmic presence Ernest Noah have been added to over 17,500 playlists.

Matt Fella

Tropical House with 600+ user generated YouTube videos

⌗ Song Release

Streams before project: Never release music
Streams after project: 4,280,000
Monthly Listeners: 29,534
(April 2022)

Matt Fella got featured in a large free music network brand that generated over 500 user-generated videos with his music on YouTube. He's been featured on over 35,000 playlists, has a strong Algorithmic presence, reached Viral 50 Chart with Miami Nights, and signed to Sony Affiliated TGR Music.

Sophia Gripari

Sophia Gripari

Pop cinderella from undiscovered to big Editorial playlists

→ Pop
⌗ Licensing

Streams before project: < 20,000
Streams after project: 4,100,000
Monthly Listeners: 30,500
(April 2022)

We discovered this talent in late 2019 with some songs already released with pure hit potential but less than 20 000 streams. We launched a couple of playlist campaigns and 8 songs later she's one of our most streamed artists and 4,1 million streams so far. She got offers and worked with Marc Benjamin and we have found her on all kinds of spotify editorial playlists such as New Pop Revolution, Fresh Finds, Chilled Pop Hits, New Music Friday. She also charted on Viral 50 Paraguay.


Strong Discover Weekly traction peaking 1 year after starting working together

⌗ Song Release, Licensing

Streams before project: < 10,000
Streams after project: 680 000
Monthly Listeners: 30,400
(April 2022)

We signed the song Gemini by Redvess on a licensing deal and made a playlist campaign. The song was added to over 6000 playlists and fetching a strong algorithmic presence 8 months in to the project. (Sometimes it takes time to work a release). The classic discover weekly peak on mondays was constantly hitting week after week with a peak of 17400 streams in one day.

Kolibri Music

Kolibri Music

Founded the playlist network of 1.4 million followers and counting

In the ancient Mayan mythology, when gods created all things, they needed a messenger to carry out their thoughts and good wishes to the human world. So they took a very small arrow and softly whispered a melody to it. The arrow took a life of its own and assumed the shape of delicate, curious bird: The hummingbird, messenger between worlds (colibrí in Spanish).

Just like the ancient hummingbird, our independent team of Kolibri playlist curators explore remote corners of the digital world to bring you the best music nectar, no matter the genre, mood, popularity or location. If it’s good music, we’ll fly to it.

Indie Alliance

Indie Alliance

Founding Label of Indie Alliance - A decentralised Major Label Network

Indie Alliance is a decentralised* major label network provided as a membership. We provide independent labels with solutions, software and promotional opportunities.

Our vision is to help as many artists as possible to reach the next level in their career


Unfound Reliance

From zero to million streams

→ Melodic Metal
⌗ Song Release

Streams before project: < 10 000
Total streams: 2 100 000
Monthly Listeners: 38 000
(April 2022)

We signed this energetic melodic metal band in the summer 2017 and made an album co-produced på Peter Iwers (In Flames). Couple of weeks into the first release the first single Cowards & Heroes was featured on different In Flames fan-account on twitter which released strong algorithmic streaming on Spotify Discover Weekly and has been since. Our PR campaign resulted in a lot of different metal outlets featuring the band from Latin America to the US. The band also played as warm-up for their idols In Flames.


Global PR and recognition

→ Metal
⌗ Song Release

Total streams: 270,000
Monthly Listeners: 13,972
(April 2022)

Established artist within the Iranian metal scene and good coverage with international exposure in Loudwire Daily Mail etc.

Featured in several national and international big outlets in the metal genre including Cutting Edge Metal, Aftonbladet, Metal Hammer, Metalperver, Roadie Metal, Bandcamp etc. 3rd place in Metal Hammer's list of most anticipated albums of 2022. Featured in Bandcamps new and notable. Top 1 on Metal/Hard rock chart on SubmitHub.

Travel With The Sun

Rockband with a killer album reaching Spotify Editorials

→ Indie Rock
⌗ Song Release

Streams before project: < 10,000
Streams after project: 1,500,000
Monthly Listeners: 5,000
(April 2022)

After being featured in large Spotify Editorial Playlists, the band has gained over 1.500.000 streams and been added to over 10 000 playlists.

Day Felice

From HBO to the viral charts

→ Indie pop
⌗ Song Release

Streams before project: Never release music before
Streams after project: 1,850,000
Monthly Listeners: 7,000
(April 2022)

Previously known from HBO’s Vikings, we helped David develop an artist brand and release 2 albums and 6 singles which streamed over 1,8 million times. He reached Viral 50 charts in Norway and Paraguay and had collaboration with local Swedish PR firms and broad distribution locally.

Kristina Issa

Working with Håkan Hellström

→ Indie pop
⌗ Song Release, Licensing

Streams before project: Local established < 100.000 streams
Streams after project: 1 000 000
Monthly Listeners: 3900
(April 2022)

Kristina has been around the Gothenburg indie pop stage for a while now with a lot of projects going on. She was referred to us through an alumn artist (Mother Mink) who had recommended Rexius and might be a good fit for her.

After som successful song releases and licensing deals she has made 1 million streams on Spotify, featured in over 7000 playlists and has been working with Håkan Hellström on his upcoming album.

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