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Craft your unique sound with our Tailored Beats.

Why choose Tailored Beats?

Explore & Vibe

Discover the perfect sound from our ever growing collection.

Personalized Guidance

We match you with the ideal partner based on your unique needs, genre, and budget.

Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy the convenience of partial payments, an option often not available directly through producers.

How it works


Team Up

We pair you with the perfect collaborator, tailored to your specific needs, musical genre, and budget.

Discover Your Beat

Choose a beat from our library or request a custom beat tailored to your sound.

Refine & Unleash Your Masterpiece

Refine and perfect your beat with our producer and integrate it into your next hit song.


How quick is the turnaround for receiving a beat?

Our streamlined feedback process ensures a fast turnaround. While the exact time can vary depending on the complexity and customization involved, we prioritize efficiency to get your high-quality, exclusive beat ready as soon as possible.

What if I have a specific sound or reference in mind?

We encourage artists to share their unique references or ideas with us. Our service includes crafting custom-made beats based on your specific needs and preferences, ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with your artistic vision.

What does "full-scale support" mean?

Full-scale support means you benefit from our expertise and feedback throughout the entire process. Our A&R team at the record label is here to guide you, offer professional insights, and ensure your beat meets industry standards for a top-quality production.

In the last step of the feedback process, if you want to, our A&R team will review your finished track for a potential signing.

What do I need to provide for a custom beat?

For a custom beat, you’ll need to provide specific references or ideas you have for the sound. Our team will use these inputs as a foundation to craft your tailored beat. If you also want your vocals to be mixed with the song  you’ll need to provide those recordings as well. 

What is the price range for creating an exclusive beat?

The price range for creating an exclusive beat with Tailored Beats varies depending on several factors, including the level of customization required, the complexity of the beat, and any additional services such as mixing and mastering. Our goal is to provide affordable exclusivity, ensuring artists can secure a unique sound without breaking the bank.

A Custom Tailored Beat starts at $749 and the unique project budget will be completely transparent with an agreement including what’s included, exclusivity of the rights,  pricing, payment plans subsidies, and other details.

Schedule a free call with one of our A&Rs to get started with your project.

Is it truly exclusive? Am I the only one who can purchase this beat?

Yes, when you acquire a beat, it becomes exclusively yours. We guarantee that once you’ve purchased the beat, it won’t be sold to anyone else, preserving the uniqueness of your sound.

Can I be involved in the feedback process?

Absolutely! We believe in a collaborative process and value your input at every stage. From the initial selection of a drafted beat to the final mix and mastering, your feedback is crucial to refining and optimizing the track to meet your standards.

How does the payment process work for exclusive rights?

We know the reality for most artists and our pricing structure is designed to offer affordable exclusivity. 

The payment process is straightforward, with clear terms outlined from the start with a signed agreement. Depending on the size of the project we offer payment plans between 3-12 months.

Once the first payment is confirmed we’ll start the beat making process. You can distribute the song as soon as it is completed, but you’ll gain the exclusive rights to your beat as soon as you make the last payment: no hidden fees, interest or invoice fees.

How can I start my musical journey with Tailored Beats?

Starting your journey is easy! Simply fill in this form on our website to get in touch and we’ll reach out and schedule a video call. 

Start by sharing your vision and musical needs with us, and we’ll guide you through the next steps to create your exclusive beat and match with the perfect match producer.

Ready to create your next masterpiece?