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On-Demand Merch

Take the leap into merchandise without the hassle.

From design to delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Streamlined merch design, production, and sales.

All-in-One Solution

We handle everything from design to shipping.

Zero Financial Risk

Get started without upfront costs or inventory issues.

Multi-Platform Sales

Sell not only via your Spotify profile but also through Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

How it works


Product Design

We design your merch based on an existing design (logo, artwork, symbol, etc.)

Sell Through Your Channels

Sell your products directly through your Spotify profile or via Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Order Fulfillment

When an item is sold, it's instantly produced and shipped by our partner.


What is On-Demand Merchandising?

On-Demand Merchandising allows artists to offer a variety of custom merchandise to their fans without the need for upfront investment or inventory management. Products are produced and shipped only when a fan makes a purchase, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

What types of merchandise can I create?

You can create a wide range of merchandise including apparel like t-shirts and hoodies, accessories like hats and bags, and even custom items like posters. Our platform offers various customization options to bring your creative vision to life and we can also help to design your merch ideas.

How do I design my merch? Do I need my own designs?

You’ll need to provide your own designs, but we will help you design the mockups and set them up finalize your merchandise. Assistance from our design team is also available to ensure your products look great.

How are prices for merchandise determined?

Artists have the freedom to set their own retail prices above the base cost provided by us. This allows for control over profit margins while being competitive in the market. We always add Sales Tax / VAT to ensure tax rules are followed.

Can I sell merch internationally? Are there shipping restrictions?

Yes, our service enables international sales. Shipping costs and times vary by destination but our merch supplier have multiple handling locations around the world ensuring fast shipping times and low costs for your fans. Some restrictions may apply to specific countries due to logistics or legal constraints. 

What marketing support is available for promoting my merchandise?

We provide guidance to help you promote your merchandise effectively across social media platforms and your own channels. Exclusive promotional campaigns can also be arranged.

Also multiple sales channels such as in Spotify, Facebook /  Instagram as well as in our own shop.

Can I offer exclusive merchandise to my fans?

Absolutely! We support limited edition runs and exclusives for fan clubs or special events, allowing you to create unique merchandise offerings for your most dedicated fans.

Who owns the rights to the merchandise designs?

Artists retain full rights to their designs used on merchandise. Our service is designed to empower artists, ensuring they maintain control over their creative works. You only need to give us the right to sell your merch via our platforms. 

How does the On-Demand Merch service work?

Currently only our signed artists or approved applications can get this  service. Here’s the workflow from today to start selling merch on Spotify.


  1. Submit demo or Apply for this as a stand-alone service if you don’t want to get signed.
  2. Book meeting with our representative
  3. Submit design or we implement your design ideas
  4. We set up products and mockups
  5. We connect with your artist profile on Spotify
  6. We start selling
  7. Handling of payments,  orders and commission payouts.


Once a product is sold, it’s manufactured and shipped directly to the fan. This process eliminates inventory risk and simplifies merchandise sales for artists.

Are there any upfront costs or fees to start selling merch?

There are no upfront costs to start selling your merchandise. Our service operates on a print-on-demand model, where costs are deducted from the sales price, ensuring artists can start with minimal financial risk.

However, we charge a small yearly subscription for support,  and a one-time fee for the set-up of  your store and the customization of up to 3 different products.

If you don’t have the underlying merch design we can also help to create those as a service. Such as logos, symbols etc.

What’s the profit margin for artists on merchandise sales?

Profit margins vary based on the product cost and pricing set by the artist. We provide a recommended retail price, but artists have the flexibility to adjust pricing based on their strategy, ensuring a fair profit margin. Many artists view merch more as a branding rather than a profit machine and 


Since products are printed on demand and handling is part of the cost, you can expect lower per-item-margins than if you purchased the item from a manufacturer. However, then you need to reckon with the initial upfront costs, handling of orders, shipping and returns.

How and when do I get paid for my merchandise sales?

Payments are made after a threshold being met via bank transfer or PayPal, based on the previous month’s sales. A detailed sales report is provided to track earnings and transactions through your merchant account.

How is customer service handled for merchandise orders?

Our team handles all customer service inquiries, including returns and exchanges, ensuring a seamless experience for your fans. Artists can focus on their creativity while we manage the logistics.

How can I track my merchandise sales and performance?

Our artist dashboard offers real-time analytics on sales, product performance, and customer feedback, enabling you to make informed decisions about your merchandise offerings.

What environmental or ethical considerations does the On-Demand Merch service have?

We’re committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices, offering eco-friendly product options and ensuring fair labor conditions in all production facilities.

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