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This article delves into the current state of record labels worldwide, examining the key players, emerging trends, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, 2024 stands as a pivotal year for record labels globally. The traditional paradigms are being reshaped by technological advancements, shifting consumer behaviors, and innovative business models. As artists and audiences alike navigate this dynamic environment, record labels play a crucial role in defining the future of music. From the rise of independent labels carving out unique niche AI strategies to the traditional strategies employed by major labels to maintain their dominance, the music industry is more diverse and intricate than ever.

What is a record label?

A record label is a company that develops artists and supports them in reaching their goals. Typically, the record label helps to produce, distribute, market, and share revenue from a phonograph (sound recording). Usually, the record label appears on the phonograph line as the label and owner of a music release.

What do record labels do?

Record labels serve as comprehensive support systems for their artists, offering a range of services that are crucial for both emerging and established musicians. These labels, whether independent or major, play a big role in producing, distributing and promoting music. However, how they do this varies enormously from label to label.

Examples of what a record label could do is to enhance artists’ online presence, oversee contractual and legal matters, source producers, and shape the artistic direction of albums.

Some record labels function like investment banks in the music industry and some are more hands-on and work alongside the artist

They can either allocate funds towards developing an artist’s music, image, videos, and promotional activities for tours or have an inhouse team that will help the artist hands-on. In return, they anticipate profits from concerts, merchandise, streaming, and endorsements.

The focus of a major label is typically on artists who have the potential to generate significant social media engagement, thereby driving streams, views, and potentially viral phenomena. In contrast, independent labels often seek out artists who are at the forefront of musical innovation and genre development or another niche.

The difference between “Major” & “Indie” record labels?

This table highlights the fundamental differences between major and indie record labels

AspectMajor Record LabelIndie Record Label
Size and ReachGlobal presence with extensive resourcesSmaller, often regional or niche market focus
Artist RosterHigh-profile, established artistsEmerging, niche, or experimental artists
Funding and BudgetLarge budgets for production and marketingLimited budgets or none, often reliant on grants or crowdfunding
Control and OwnershipMore control over artistic decisionsGreater artistic freedom for the artist
Marketing PowerExtensive marketing and promotional powerGrassroots marketing, often leveraging a niche marketing efforts.
DistributionWide distribution networks, including physical and digitalPrimarily digital distribution, sometimes limited physical distribution
ContractsOften long-term, with multiple album commitmentsShorter, more flexible contracts
Revenue SplitTypically a lower percentage for the artist (20-40%)Higher percentage of revenue for the artist (30-70%)
Support ServicesComprehensive support (PR, legal, touring)Limited support, artists may need to handle multiple roles themselves
Innovation and RiskLess willing to take risks on new genresMore open to experimenting with new sounds and genres
Brand RecognitionHigh brand recognition and influenceLower brand recognition but often more loyal fanbase
Time to MarketLonger lead times due to larger scale operationsQuicker to market due to smaller scale and less bureaucracy

How many record labels are there in the world?

Determining the exact number of record labels in the world is quite challenging due to several factors. Record labels vary greatly in size, from major international corporations, to small independent operations. Additionally new labels constantly emerge while others may close or merge.

While there’s no official global registry for all record labels in the world, industry experts like the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) can provide estimates.
According to the IFPI, the number of active record labels are up in the thousands.

Link to IFPI:
IFPI Global Report 2024

Here’s our breakdown and research and estimate of the number of labels in the world:

the number of record labels in the world can be challenging due to the vast and diverse nature of the music industry. However, we can make an informed estimate based on available data and industry knowledge.

Estimation of the Number of Record Labels Worldwide

CategoryEstimated Number of Labels
Major Labels3 (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group)
Major Label ImprintsApproximately 50-100
Mid-Sized LabelsAround 500-1000
Independent Labels10,000 – 15,000
Small and DIY Labels100,000+


  1. Major Labels and Imprints (sub-labels):
    • There are three major labels that dominate the global market: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.
    • Each of these major labels has numerous imprints and subsidiary labels, estimated to be around 50-100 in total.
  2. Mid-Sized Labels:
    • Mid-sized labels operate independently but with significant resources and market presence.
    • These could number around 500-1000 globally, focusing on various genres and regions.
  3. Independent Labels:
    • Indie labels are highly diverse, ranging from well-known independents to smaller niche labels.
    • There are likely 10,000 to 15,000 indie labels worldwide, given the rise of digital distribution and the ease of starting a label.
  4. Small and DIY Labels:
    • The number of small and DIY labels has exploded with the advent of affordable recording technology and digital distribution platforms.
    • These can number in the hundreds of thousands, as many artists now release music under their own label names.

Total Estimate

Combining these categories, a conservative estimate would be around 110,000 to 120,000 record labels worldwide. This number reflects both the highly visible and the underground sectors of the music industry, acknowledging the broad spectrum from global giants to bedroom-based startups.

Which are the largest record labels in the world? (Big Six / Four / Three)

From 1950 to 1980, the music industry was a battleground where numerous independent labels and major record companies vied for market dominance. Over time, the larger companies began to absorb these independents, eventually setting their sights on acquiring each other. By the late 1990s, the industry had consolidated significantly, leaving just six major players: Warner, Universal, Sony, BMG, EMI, and Polygram. The consolidation continued with Universal purchasing Polygram in 1998. This trend persisted into the 2000s, marked by a notable merger between Sony and BMG in 2004, which eventually led to Sony acquiring full ownership.

Currently, the music industry is dominated by the so-called Big Three: Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. The Big three control over 85 percent of the U.S. recording music industry.

The big three:

Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group, the largest of the Big Three record labels, solidified its position as a powerhouse in the industry with the 1998 merger of PolyGram and Universal. This merger united numerous subsidiaries under one roof, creating the world’s largest music company. Since being wholly acquired by the French media conglomerate Vivendi in 2006, Universal has expanded further by acquiring BMG Music Publishing and Univision Music Group, along with smaller labels. In 2007, its purchases of UK-based Sanctuary Music Group and V2 sparked concerns from the independent music sector about potential monopolistic outcomes. The Association of Independent Music expressed fears that these acquisitions could marginalize the vibrant independent sector, stifle competition, and reduce consumer choices.

Despite these controversies, Universal Music Group have a star-studded roster that includes

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Drake
  3. Billie Eilish
  4. Ariana Grande
  5. Post Malone
  6. Kanye West
  7. Lady Gaga
  8. The Weeknd
  9. Justin Bieber
  10. Katy Perry

Sony Music Entertainment

In 2004, Sony Music Entertainment, a subsidiary of Japan’s Sony, merged with BMG Entertainment, which was part of Germany’s Bertelsmann, to form Sony BMG. This merger was primarily driven by the challenges of declining retail sales, the rise of online file-sharing, and intense competition from other media types, according to Reuters in 2003. Despite opposition from independent music companies in Europe, who argued that the merger would disrupt market balance, the European Commission approved the consolidation. In 2008, Sony acquired BMG’s 50% stake for $1.2 billion, as reported by Kaplan, securing full ownership of what is now the world’s second-largest record label. Sony’s portfolio includes well-known subsidiary labels such as Arista, Columbia, Epic, Jive, RCA, and Zomba. The company represents a roster of prominent artists, including:

  1. Beyoncé
  2. Harry Styles
  3. Adele
  4. Calvin Harris
  5. Travis Scott
  6. Doja Cat
  7. The Chainsmokers
  8. Rosalía
  9. Khalid
  10. Camila Cabello

Warner Music Group

Originally founded as Warner Bros. Records in 1958, Warner Music Group rose to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s by acquiring key labels such as Elektra and Atlantic. However, like its industry peers, the company faced declining sales as free online music swapping took hold. In 2004, Time Warner opted to divest its music division to focus on more lucrative sectors like Time Warner Cable, selling it to an investor group for $2.6 billion. This deal transferred ownership of over 800 artists, including Linkin Park, Metallica, and Kid Rock, and the company’s publishing arm, Warner/Chapell Music, which held over a million copyrights.

After a short period of operating independently, Warner Music Group became a publicly traded entity in 2005, making it the only standalone music company listed in the United States. In preparation for its IPO, the company enacted approximately $250 million in budget cuts through layoffs and other consolidations. This sparked concerns among its artists about the prioritization of investor interests over those of performers. This concern was vocalized by Linkin Park, who even requested an early termination of their contract, citing the company’s direction as “bad news” according to guitarist Brad Delson. However, the band eventually negotiated a lucrative new agreement with Warner.

Prominent artists of Warner Music:

  1. Ed Sheeran
  2. Dua Lipa
  3. Bruno Mars
  4. Cardi B
  5. Coldplay
  6. Lizzo
  7. Saweetie
  8. David Guetta
  9. Charli XCX
  10. Muse

Top record labels in the world – Which record label is best?

Determining the best record label in the world is an impossible task since it all comes down to individual needs, goals and artistic vision. Each label, whether it’s a major or a independent label, brings it own unique strengths and visions and deciding which one is actually best is simply based on your own preferences as an artist.

Some artists thrive under the extensive resources and global reach of a major label like Universal Music Group. While others find a better fit with a independent record label such as Sub Pop or XL Recordings, where creative freedom and a more personal, hands-on approach is prioritized.

Since it’s nearly impossible to name which record label really is the best, we have put together a small comprehensive guide based on different criteria.

Top / Most Famous / Prominent record labels by genre:

As previously mentioned, it is impossible to evaluate the best labels. Therefore we have decided to ask AI who they believe is the most famous / prominent record labels within a certain parameter:


  • Republic Records
  • Columbia Records
  • RCA Records


  • Def Jam Recordings (UMG)
  • Cash Money Records (UMG)
  • Top Dawg Entertainment
  • Atlantic Records (Warner)
  • Epic Records (Sony)


  • Warner Records
  • Columbia Records (Sony)
  • Capitol Records (UMG)
  • RCA Records (Sony)
  • Island Records (UMG)


  • Ultra Music (Sony)
  • Spinnin’ Records (Warner)
  • Anjunabeats
  • Ministry of Sound (Sony)


  • Big Machine Label Group
  • Capitol Nashville (UMG)
  • Sony Music Nashville
  • Warner Music Nashville
  • Broken Bow Records


  • Motown Records (UMG)
  • RCA Records (Sony)
  • Atlantic Records (Warner)
  • Def Jam Recordings (UMG)
  • Columbia Records (Sony)


  • Blue Note Records (UMG)
  • Verve Records (UMG)
  • Concord Records
  • ECM Records
  • Mack Avenue Records


  • Deutsche Grammophon
  • Sony Classical
  • EMI Classics (now part of Warner Classics)
  • Decca Records (UMG)
  • Naxos Records

Best for new artists:

Here are 15 independent record labels accepting demos from new artists in 2024:

  • Carpark Records
  • Fat Possum Records
  • Lion Bold Records
  • Rough Trade Records
  • Rexius Records (the writer of this article)
  • Island Records
  • Glassnote Records
  • XL Recordings
  • Domino Recording Company
  • Young Turks
  • Stones Throw
  • Humble Beast Records
  • Epitaph Records
  • NoFace Records
  • BBE Records

Top 15 independent record labels:

Here are the top 15 independent record labels 2024 according to AI:

  • Sub Pop Records
  • Ninja Tune
  • Rough Trade Records
  • 4AD
  • Warp Records
  • Domino Recording Company
  • Matador Records
  • Merge Records
  • XL Recordings
  • Glassnote Records
  • Fat Possum REcords
  • Carpark Records
  • Kill Rock Stars
  • Secretely Canadian
  • Anti-Records

Famous record labels:

Here are the 15 most famous record labels 2024 according to AI:

  • Universal Music Group
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Warner Music Group
  • Columbia Records
  • Capitol Records
  • Atlantic Records
  • Virgin Records
  • Interscope Records
  • RCA Records
  • Def Jam Recordings
  • Island Records
  • EMI Records
  • Motown Records
  • Republic Records
  • Epic Records

Sub labels to Major Record Labels:

Comprehensive list of the most important sub labels in the music industry (Based on “the big three”):

Sub labels to Universal:

  • Interscope Records
  • Republic Records
  • Island Records
  • Island Records UK
  • Capitol Records
  • Def Jam Recordings
  • Geffen Records
  • Polydor Records
  • Universal Music Latino
  • Astralwerks Records
  • XO Records
  • Motown Records
  • Universal Music Spain
  • Snakefarm Records
  • Capitol Records Nashville
  • Decca Records
  • The Valory Music Co.
  • Aftermath Entertainment
  • Mercury Nashville
  • Capitol CMG
  • Deutsche Grammophon
  • Spinefarm Records
  • MCA Nashville
  • EMI Records Nashville
  • Blue Note Records
  • T-Boy Records
  • Virgin Records

Sub labels to Warner Music:

  • Big Beat Records
  • Rhino Entertainment
  • Warner Music Nashville
  • Elektra Records
  • Parlophone Records
  • Atlantic Records UK
  • Sire Records
  • Nonesuch Records
  • Asylum Records
  • Warner Classics
  • East West Records

Sub labels to Sony Music Entertainment:

  • Columbia Records Group (Epic, RCA, Arista, Startime International, Disruptor, Insanity, Robots + Humans, Sign of the Times)
  • Sony Music Nashville
  • Sony Masterworks
  • Legacy Recordings
  • Alamo Records
  • Provident Label Group
  • RED Music
  • Ultra Records
  • Volcano Entertainment
  • Ki/oon Music
  • SME Records
  • Ministry of Sound
  • Relentless Reocrds
  • The Orchard (Distributor)

How do you get signed to a record label?

Getting a record label to pay attention to you as an up-and-coming musician can be difficult, no matter who you are or what kind of music you create. 

Therefore, we have compiled an article on how to get signed by a record label as an artist.

How to get signed to a record label in 2024?

Record labels A to Z  – List of All record labels in the world

Here is a organized list of all record record labels from A-Z that we have stumbled upon in our research. Please note that our estimate is that there are over 100 000 record labels in the world, and that we can’t list all of them hear.

List of 500+ Record Labels:

NameCategoryBased InInfo
[PIAS]Independent labelFrancePartners with a range of labels and artists for distribution and promotion.
0207 Def JamMajor LabelUKLondon-based branch of Def Jam, focuses on high-profile campaigns and quality music.
100% RecordsIndependent labelUKIndependent record label based in London
10K ProjectsIndependent LabelUSALos Angeles-based label known for innovative music marketing and artist development.
12Tone MusicIndependent LabelUSACommitted to artist development and support.
15 Passenger RecordsIndependent labelUSA
1501 Certified EntIndependent LabelUSAHouston-based label known for its local urban music talent.
1631 Recordings ABIndependent labelSweden
3 BeatSub-LabelUK3 Beat Productions is a British independent record label, renowned for its rich history in shaping musical
300 EntertainmentIndependent LabelUSAFounded by industry veterans, focuses on innovative artist development.
30th Century RecordsIndependent labelUSA
333 Wreckords CrewIndependent labelUSA
37 AdventuresIndependent labelUK
4ADIndependent labelUKPart of Beggars Group, known for its influential roster in indie and alternative music.
4Hunnid RecordsIndependent labelUSAFounded by rapper YG, focuses on hip-hop and urban music.
604 RecordsIndependent labelCanadaFounded in 2002 by lead singer of Nickelback
A4WardSub-LabelUKBritish record label known for alternative UK hiphop and UK pop
Academy of Fine Arts ABIndependent labelSweden
Aftermath EntertainmentSub LabelUSAHip-hop focused label under Universal Music Group.
Airforce1 RecordsIndependent labelGermanyPart of Universal Music Group, focuses on pop and rock music.
Akira RecordsIndependent labelUKAkira Records is a London-based independent record label founded in 2013 by Stevie Red McMinn.
Alamo RecordsSub LabelUSAAcquired by Sony Music, focuses on cutting-edge music trends.
Alchemy RecordingsIndependent labelUSA
Alcopop! RecordsIndependent labelUKBritish indie label founded in 2006 by Jack Clothier and Kevin Douch
AllPointsIndependent labelFranceIn-house label of Believe, focuses on artist development and distribution.
Almost Religious ABIndependent labelSweden
Altered StatesIndependent labelUSAKnown for its eclectic and experimental approach to music.
AmuseIndependent label / Music DistributorUKDigital distribution service and record label, known for innovative approaches in music publishing.
AnjunabeatsIndependent labelUKFounded by Above & Beyond, specializes in trance and progressive house music.
AnjunadeepIndependent labelUKSpecializes in deep house, founded in 2005.
Anthem EntertainmentIndependent labelUSAContent and services company, focuses on music production and rights management.
ANTI-Sub LabelUSASister label to Epitaph, focusing on diverse musical styles beyond punk.
AntiFragile MusicIndependent labelUSAFocuses on collaboration and transparency in the music industry.
APGSub-LabelUSAMusic publishing company and record label, focuses on partnership-driven growth.
Arising EmpireSub-LabelSub-LabelFounded in 2015, German punk, rock and metalcore label
Arista RecordsSub LabelUSAAn American label focusing on pop and country, under Sony Music Entertainment.
Artery RecordsIndependent labelUSAFounded in 2010, Artery Recordings is a Sacramento-based American record label, serving as a vibrant
hub for artists in the heart of California.
Artist Company TEN ABIndependent labelSweden
Askja Music Group ABIndependent labelSweden
Asthmatic Kitty RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Astralwerks RecordsSub LabelUSAFocuses on electronic music, owned by Universal Music Group.
Astro NauticoIndependent labelUSA
Asylum RecordsSub-labelUSAPart of Warner Music Group, known for alternative and indie music.
Atenzia Records ABIndependent labelSweden
Atlantic RecordsMajor LabelUSAIconic American label established in 1947, known for a diverse roster.
Atlantic Records UKSub LabelUKRepresents high-profile British artists, part of Warner Music Group.
ATO RecordsIndependent labelUSAIndependent label based in New York City, known for supporting diverse musical talents.
Atomic Fire RecordsIndependent labelFocuses on metal and rock, known for its high-quality productions and artist roster.
Audiowell ABIndependent labelSweden
August Day RecordingsIndependent labelUKReleases music it loves, focusing on artist passion and innovation.
Average Joes EntertainmentIndependent labelUSAFocuses on country and southern rock, known for its grassroots artist approach.
AWALDistributorUKBritish music distribution company, now under Sony Music Entertainment.
Axtone RecordsIndependent labelSwedenFounded in 2005 by Swedish DJ Axwell, home to house music.
B-uniqueIndependent LabelUKLondon-based label known for its distinct artist roster.
Babygrande RecordsIndependent labelUSANew York based independent record label.
Bad Taste Records ABIndependent labelSweden
Bar/None RecordsIndependent labelUSABar/None Records, an independent record label based in Hoboken, New Jersey, nurtures a diverse roster of
artists, fostering unique sounds and groundbreaking music.
Barsuk RecordsIndependent labelUSABased in Seattle, focuses on indie rock and alternative music.
Bayonet RecordsIndependent labelUSAOfficial Website and Webstore for Bayonet Records
BB*ISLANDIndependent labelUSA
BBR Music GroupSub-labelUSANashville-based, specializes in country music, part of BMG.
BD Pop ABIndependent labelSweden
Beats Antique RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Because MusicIndependent LabelInternationalRepresents a diverse array of artists across genres.
Bella UnionIndependent labelUKFounded by members of Cocteau Twins, focuses on diverse music genres.
Bethel MusicIndependent labelUSAPart of Bethel Church in Redding, California, focuses on Christian music and worship.
Better CompanyIndependent labelUnknown
Better Noise MusicIndependent LabelUSASpecializes in rock and alternative music, founded by 10th Street Entertainment’s CEO.
Big Beat RecordsSub LabelUSAFocuses on electronic and dance music, under Warner Music Group.
Big Loud RecordsIndependent labelUSANashville-based label, home to a mix of country artists.
Big Machine Label GroupIndependent LabelUSAFocuses on country and pop, distributed by Universal Music Group.
Big NoiseIndependent labelUSAOffers a multi-faceted approach to artist development across music genres.
Big Scary MonstersIndependent labelUK
Billion Dollar Baby EntertainmentIndependent labelUSAFounded by DaBaby, focuses on hip hop and urban music.
BIS Records AktiebolagIndependent labelSweden
bitbirdIndependent labelFounded by Sander van Dijck, known for creative and innovative music projects.
Black Butter RecordsKnown for promoting groundbreaking music in dance and electronic genres.
Black Cement RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Black Hill RecordsSub-LabelUSAModern record label focused on hard rock.
Black River EntertainmentIndependent labelUSANashville-based, specializes in country music.
Bliss CorporationIndependent labelItalyItalian music production company, known for dance and electronic hits.
BLNK Music ABIndependent labelSweden
BlockBerry CreativeIndependent labelSouth KoreaFocuses on innovative K-pop music and artist development.
Blue Élan RecordsIndependent labelUSAMulti genre record label based in LA.
Blue Note RecordsSub-labelIconic jazz record label under Universal Music Group, known for historic jazz recordings.
BMGIndependent LabelGermanyInternational music company headquartered in Berlin.
BMG AustraliaMajor LabelAustraliaAustralian branch of BMG, focusing on music rights management and artist services.
BMG UKIndependent LabelUKPart of BMG international, focuses on music rights management.
Boy Better KnowIndependent labelUKGrime collective and record label, prominent in the UK urban music scene.
Boysnoize Records (BNR)Independent labelGermanyElectronic music since 2005 .
BrasslandIndependent labelUSA
Bright Antenna RecordsIndependent labelUSABased in California, known for supporting independent and innovative music.
Broken Bow RecordsIndependent LabelUSANashville-based label specializing in new country music.
Brownswood RecordingsIndependent labelUK
Brushfire RecordsIndependent labelUSA
CandyRat RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Canvasback MusicIndependent labelUSAPart of Atlantic Records, focuses on alternative and indie genres.
Capitol CMGSub LabelUSAChristian music group under Universal Music Group.
Capitol RecordsSub LabelUSAOperates under Universal Music Group’s Capitol Music Group.
Capitol Records NashvilleSub LabelUSANashville division of Capitol Records, part of Universal Music Group.
Capitol Records UKSub LabelUKBritish division of Capitol Records, focuses on discovering new music talents.
Captured TracksIndependent labelUSANew York based record label founded by Mike Sniper in 2008.
Catfarm Music ABIndependent labelSweden
Ceder & Blom Productions ABIndependent labelSweden
Centricity MusicIndependent labelUSAAmerican christian music record label
Century MediaSub LabelGermanyKnown for heavy metal and rock, offers a broad roster of bands.
Chemikal Underground RecordsIndependent labelScotland
Cherry Red RecordsIndependent labelUKEstablished in 1978, known for its extensive catalog of indie and alternative music.
Chess ClubIndependent labelUKUK based record label founded inn 2007
Chinese Man RecordsIndependent labelFranceChinese Man Records is the vibrant musical home of eclectic talents including Chinese Man, Deluxe,
Taiwan Mc, Scratch Bandits Crew, Baja Frequencia, Youthstar, and others, all of whom bring their
unique sounds to this dynamic label.
Chrysalis RecordsIndependent labelUKRe-established by Blue Raincoat Music, known for its artist-centric approach.
CircoLoco RecordsIndependent labelUSAA collaboration with Rockstar Games, focuses on electronic and club music.
Circus RecordsIndependent labelUKIndependent label founded by Flux Pavilion and Doctor P, known for dubstep and electronic music.
Cleopatra RecordsIndependent labelUSAL.A based record label founded 1992, specializes in goth rock, hard rock and heavy metal.
Closed Casket ActivitiesIndependent labelUSA
Closed SessionsIndependent labelUSAIncubator of Chicago HipHop.
Clue No ClueIndependent labelFocuses on discovering and promoting innovative music across genres.
CMG Holding ABIndependent labelSweden
Coconut MusicIndependent labelGermanyFounded in 1981, focuses on pop and disco music production.
Columbia RecordsMajor LabelUSAPremier American label under Sony Music, part of the Sony Corporation of America.
Columbia Records UKSub LabelUKBritish arm of Columbia, home to renowned artists.
Communion RecordsIndependent labelUK
Company RecordsIndependent labelUSA
ConcordIndependent LabelUSAMusic entertainment and acquisition company.
Cooking VinylIndependent LabelUKIndependent label known for a wide range of music genres.
Cosmos Music ABIndependent labelSweden
Cr2 RecordsIndependent labelUKDance music label established in 2004, known for electronic and house music releases.
Crash & SmileSub-LabelNetherlandsNew record label from Dada life and Revealed recordings.
Create Music GroupIndependent labelUSALos Angeles-based, data-driven company focusing on empowering artists and labels.
Crosstown RebelsIndependent labelUKKnown for electronic music, emphasizes artist freedom and underground culture.
Curb RecordsIndependent LabelUSALong-standing label specializing in country and Christian music.
Cutters RecordsIndependent labelAustraliaHome to quality dance music ever since 2006
Dance To The RadioIndependent labelUK
Dangerbird RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Daptone RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Dead OceansIndependent LabelUSAIndependent label with a focus on innovative indie music.
DeadbeatsIndependent labelCanadayour 1st 2nd and 3rd @’s favourite record label. wash your hands and wear a mask so we can go back
on tour soon.
Deathwish IncIndependent labelUSARecord label founded in 2000, known for indie and aggressive music
Decca GoldSub-LabelUSABritish record label established 1929.
Decca RecordsSub LabelUKBritish label with a rich history in classical and pop music, under Universal Music Group.
Def Jam RecordingsSub LabelUSAInfluential hip-hop label under Universal Music Group.
Defected RecordsIndependent labelUKBritish label specializing in house music, events, and artist management.
Despotz Records ABIndependent labelSweden
Deutsche GrammophonSub LabelGermanyPrestigious classical music label under Universal Music Group.
Dew ProcessIndependent labelAustraliaAustralian label known for its distinctive artist roster.
DharmaSub LabelUSAProvides resources like tutorials and sound packs for music production under KSHMR.
Different RecordingsSub LabelBelgiumElectronic music label under PIAS, known for innovative electronic music.
Dine Alone RecordsIndependent labelCanada
Dirty HitIndependent LabelUKBritish label known for its modern approach to music and artist development.
DiscipleIndependent labelUKIndependent record label, created by Ross Burr and Rob Talbott, bringing their personal flair to the music
Distinctive RecordsIndependent labelUK
Disturbing Tha Peace RecordsIndependent labelUSAFounded by Ludacris, focuses on hip hop and urban music.
Diynamic MusicIndependent labelGermanyHamburg-based underground electronic music label, known for deep house and techno.
DogBear RecordsIndependent labelUnknown
Domestic La LaIndependent labelAustralia
Domino Recording CompanyIndependent LabelUKIndependent label known for diverse and innovative artists.
Double Double WhammyIndependent labelUSA
Downtown Music ServicesDistributorUSAOffers services in music publishing and artist support.
Downtown RecordsIndependent LabelUSABased in New York City, known for its innovative approach to indie and electronic music.
Drag CityIndependent labelUSA
DTA RecordsIndependent LabelUSAFounded by blink-182’s Travis Barker, focuses on various music genres.
DualtoneIndependent LabelUSASpecializes in Americana and indie rock, known for its artisanal approach to music production.
Dumont DumontIndependent labelSwedenBased in Stockholm, known for its unique and eclectic music releases.
earMUSICIndependent labelGermanyRock label under Edel Music, releases international rock and heavy metal music.
East West RecordsSub-LabelUSAPop, rock & hiphop focused record label, sub label to Warner Music.
Easy Life RecordsIndependent labelUKManages and represents artists across diverse genres, based in London.
Easy Star RecordsIndependent labelUSAAmerican record label founded in 1996
ECM RecordsIndependent labelGermanyFounded in Munich in 1969 by Karl Egger, Manfred Eicher, and Manfred Scheffner, ECM has
established itself as a cornerstone in the independent music world, celebrated for its artistic integrity
and groundbreaking releases.
Ed BangerIndependent LabelFranceFrench label known for electronic and dance music, part of Headbangers Entertainment.
Elefant TraksIndependent labelAustraliaElefant Traks, rooted in Sydney, Australia, champions the dynamic and diverse voices of Australian
hip hop. Elefant Traks is dedicated to showcasing innovative artists and their unique perspectives in the
Elektra RecordsSub LabelUSAIconic label specializing in rock and pop, part of Warner Music Group.
EMI Music AustraliaMajor LabelAustraliaAustralian imprint of Universal Music Australia, former sub label of EMI Recordings between 1979 and 1996
EMI Records NashvilleSub LabelUSAPart of Universal Music Group Nashville, focuses on country music.
EMI SwedenMajor LabelSwedenSwedish division of EMI, part of Universal Music Group, focuses on innovative music projects.
emPawa AfricaIndependent labelAfricaEmpowers African artists, offering tools and networks to reach global audiences.
EMPIREDistributor/LabelUSACombines distribution capabilities with label services.
EnchufadaIndependent labelPortugal
Enhanced MusicIndependent labelKnown for contemporary dance music releases and artist development.
Epic RecordsSub LabelUSAPart of Sony Music, focuses on a broad array of genres.
Epic Records GermanySub-LabelGermanyGerman record label
Epidemic Sound ABIndependent labelSweden
Epitaph RecordsIndependent LabelUSAOwned by Bad Religion guitarist, focuses on punk and alternative rock.
Equal Vision RecordsIndependent, USAUSABased in New York, known for punk, hardcore, and rock music.
Erased Tapes RecordsIndependent labelUK
Erato RecordsSub-LabelFranceThe home of classical music: Erato Records
etcetc MusicIndependent labelAustraliaSydney-based label focusing on electronic and dance music.
Everything Sucks MusicIndependent labelUK
Fantasy RecordsIndependent LabelUSAHistoric label known for jazz, rock, and folk recordings.
Fat Possum RecordsIndependent labelUSABased in Mississippi, focuses on blues, rock, and roots music.
Fat Wreck ChordsIndependent labelUSAIndependent record label, focused on punk rock.
Fearless RecordsSub LabelUSAAmerican label founded in 1994, known for punk and alternative rock.
FFRR RecordsSub-LabelUKFFRR Records, a dynamic offshoot of London Records, was founded and is helmed by the iconic English
DJ Pete Tong, bringing his unique pulse to the music industry.
Fiction RecordsIndependent labelUKA part of Universal Music Group, focusing on innovative music and artists.
Fifth Island Music ABIndependent labelSweden
Firefly Entertainment ABIndependent labelSweden
Flashover RecordingsIndependent labelNetherlandsTrance music record label founden in the netherlands in 2005.
Flying Nun RecordsIndependent labelNew ZealandIndependent record label formed in 1981 in New Zealand by music store manager Roger Shepherd
Fool’s Gold RecordsIndependent LabelUSABrooklyn-based label known for its eclectic roster and innovative releases.
Foreign Family CollectiveIndependent labelUSAFounded by ODESZA, combines music releases with a creative community approach.
Forty Below RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Four MusicSub-labelGermanyFounded by Die Fantastischen Vier, focuses on hip hop and electronic music.
Frenchkiss RecordsIndependent labelUSAIndependent label based in New York City, known for supporting innovative indie bands.
Frontiers RecordsIndependent labelItalyItalian label known for producing hard rock and heavy metal music.
Frontrunner Music Group ABIndependent labelSweden
frtyfveIndependent labelUK
Full Time HobbyIndependent labelUKFounded in 2004, focus on mixing both creative and original music
Future Archive RecordingsIndependent labelUSA
Future Sound Of EgyptIndependent labelUKBritish trance label launched in 2009
Fuzz ClubIndependent labelUKBased in east London, known for psychedelic rock and alternative music.
G-Unit RecordsIndependent labelUSAFounded by 50 Cent, focuses on hip hop and urban music.
G.O.O.D. MusicSub-labelUSAFounded by Kanye West, known for influential hip hop and urban music releases.
Geffen RecordsSub LabelUSAPart of Universal, focuses on major rock and pop acts.
Ghostly InternationalIndependent labelUSAFounded in 1999, focuses on electronic and avant-garde music, based in Brooklyn.
Gibson RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Glasgow UndergroundIndependent labelUK
GlassnoteIndependent LabelUSAFounded by music executive Daniel Glass, known for fostering indie talent.
Good SoldierIndependent labelUK
Grand Jury MusicIndependent labelUSANew York City-based label, focuses on indie rock and alternative music.
Greco-RomanIndependent labelUKKnown for electronic music, emphasizes artistic freedom and long-term development.
GroundwērkIndependent labelCanadaNew York City-based company offering label services, artist management, and music publishing.
Hajanga RecordsIndependent labelUSAExplore creative soundscapes with Hajanga Records.
HARD RecsSub-LabelUSAUK jungle, hard house new wave trance etc, sub label to Insomniac Records
Hardly ArtSub-LabelUSA
Harvest RecordsSub LabelUSAPart of Capitol Music Group, known for alternative rock and indie music.
Haven SoundsIndependent labelCanadaToronto and L.A based record label that provides a refuge for genre blending artists to call home.
Heavenly RecordingsIndependent labelUKLondon based record label founded in 1990
Heist or HitIndependent labelUK
Hollywood RecordsSub LabelUSADisney Music Group’s label, known for pop and film soundtrack productions.
Hopeless RecordsIndependent LabelUSASpecializes in punk and alternative rock, based in Van Nuys, California.
Hover CoalitionIndependent labelUSA
Human Re SourcesIndependent labelUSA
Humming RecordsIndependent labelGermanyDivision of NEUBAU Music Recordings GmbH, focuses on innovative music projects.
HyperdubIndependent labelUK
I OH YOUIndependent labelAustralia
Impulse RecordsSub-LabelUSA
In The Red RecordsIndependent labelUSAHome to all garagerock bands, In The Red is an independent record label founded in 1991.
Ineffable RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Infectious MusicSub-labeUKOwned by BMG, known for alternative rock and indie bands.
InFinéIndependent labelFrance
Innovative LeisureIndependent labelUSALos Angeles-based label, known for its focus on innovative indie and rock music.
Inside RecordingsIndependent labelUSAFocuses on rock and acoustic music, known for quality artist projects.
Insomniac RecordsSub-LabelUSAFounded in 2014, label focused on electronic/dance music.
International Death CultIndependent labelUKIndependent record label and clothing line, with focus on alternative music
Interscope RecordsSub LabelUSAAmerican label part of Universal’s Interscope Geffen A&M.
Ipecac RecordsIndependent labelUSACalifornia-based label known for avant-garde and experimental music releases.
Island RecordsSub LabelGlobalA multinational label under Universal Music Group.
Island Records AustraliaSub LabelAustraliaAustralian division of Island Records, focuses on local and international talent.
Island Records UKSub LabelUKPart of Universal, known for a rich history of artists and music.
JagjaguwarIndependent LabelUSAFocuses on independent rock and alternative music, part of the Secretly Group.
Joyful NoiseIndependent labelUSA
Jubel ABIndependent labelSweden
JYP EntertainmentMajor LabelSouth KoreaEntertainment company engaged in music production and artist management.
Kakao EntertainmentMajor LabelSouth KoreaMulti/mass media company founded in 2021 in South Korea.
Keep CoolIndependent labelUSALos Angeles-based, focuses on developing creative and innovative music projects.
Kill Rock StarsIndependent labelUSAAmerican Independent record label founded in 1991 (Eliott Smith, Deerhof, Xiu Xiu)
Kitsuné MusiqueIndependent LabelInternationalKnown for its cross-cultural influence and stylish approach to music and fashion.
Kittball RecordsIndependent labelGermanyGerman record label
KompaktIndependent labelGermanyKompakt brings the pulse of Cologne’s electronic music scene to the forefront, offering an array of
top-quality vinyl and CDs. Founded by Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer, and Jürgen Paape, this label is
a haven for innovative sounds and artists.
KrankyIndependent labelUSAAmerican independent record label founded in 1993
Kwaidan RecordsIndependent labelFranceFrench based label formed in 1998
Laboratório FantasmaIndependent labelBrazil
Lady of the Lake Music AktiebolagIndependent labelSweden
Last Gang RecordsSub-LabelCanadaMusic label founded in 2003. Based in Toronto wiht offices in London, L.A and more…
Lava RecordsIndependent LabelUSAFounded by Jason Flom, known for managing high-profile pop and rock acts.
LAW RecordsIndependent labelUSAHome to underground music founded in 1983
Leafy OutlookIndependent labelUKFormed in London 2020, record label and management company.
Legacy RecordingsSub LabelUSAA division of Sony Music, specializing in catalog and legacy recordings.
Liberation RecordsIndependent LabelAustraliaAustralian label known for its strong roster of local and international artists.
Liberator MusicSub LabelAustraliaInternational division within the Mushroom Group, focuses on diverse music releases.
LiquicityIndependent labelNetherlandsDutch drum and bass oriented record label founded in 2011.
Liquid StateIndependent LabelInternationalFocuses on electronic music from Asia and beyond.
Listen CollectiveIndependent labelUSA
Loma Vista RecordingsIndependent LabelUSAIndependent label founded by former Warner Bros. executive, focuses on alternative genres.
Lookout Mountain RecordsIndependent labelUSAIndependent record label
LooseIndependent labelUKLondon based, specializes in country music.
Low Country SoundSub-LabelUSARenowned Nashville producer Dave Cobb has established his own label imprint, a creative venture born
from a partnership with Elektra Records, where his visionary approach to music production continues to
Lowkey Superstar RecordsIndependent labelUnknown
LowtempIndependent labelSloveniaFounded in 2013 by Slovenian producer Denis Jasarevic (Gramatik). Created by artists for artists.
LuckyMeIndependent labelUKRecord label and design studio specializing in electronic, hip hop, and underground dance music.
Mack Avenue RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Mad DecentIndependent LabelUSAFounded by Diplo, focuses on electronic and dance genres.
MAD ZOOIndependent labelUSARecord label for producers, by producers founded in 2014.
Mailboat RecordsIndependent labelUSASpecializes in live recordings and artist-centric releases.
MainMain RecordsIndependent labelUnknown
Major Tom’sIndependent labelUKFounded by Rudimental, focuses on music production and artist events.
Manic Kat RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Marathon ArtistsIndependent labelUKFlagship label of Marathon Music Group, known for innovative artist development.
Mascot RecordsSub-labelNetherlandsPart of Mascot Label Group, known for rock, blues, and metal music.
Mass Appeal RecordsIndependent labelUSANew York-based media and content company, also operates as a record label.
Matador RecordsIndependent LabelUSAIndependent label with a roster of indie rock, punk, and alternative acts.
mau5trapIndependent labelCanada
MCA NashvilleSub LabelUSAPart of Universal Music Group Nashville, specializing in country music.
Melodic RecordsIndependent labelUK
Mensch House RecordsSub-LabelUSASub label of Regime Music Group, now operating in tandem known as Island Empire Records
Mercury ClassicsIndependent labelUKFocuses on modern classical and avant-garde music, under Universal Music Group.
Mercury NashvilleSub LabelUSANashville-based country music division of Universal Music Group.
Merge RecordsIndependent labelUKBased in North Carolina, focuses on independent rock and alternative music.
Metal Blade RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Mexican SummerIndependent labelUSABrooklyn based indie label since 2009
Minerva MusicIndependent labelUSA
Ministry of SoundIndependent LabelUKKnown for electronic music dominance and club culture.
Modern Sky Entertainment UKIndependent labelUKNew music entertainment company based in Northern England.
Molly Water MusicIndependent labelUSA
Mom+PopIndependent LabelUSANew York City-based label with a diverse artist lineup.
Monday RecordsIndependent labelAustraliaSyndey based record label created 2005.
Mono vs. StereoIndependent labelUSAIndependent record label based and founded in Tennesse 2003. HipHop and pop rock oriented.
MonstercatIndependent LabelCanadaVancouver-based label specializing in electronic and dance music.
Monument RecordsSub-LabelUSA
Moseart LabelIndependent labelFranceFounded by Stromae, includes a clothing line and audiovisual productions.
Moshi Moshi RecordsIndependent labelUK
Motown GospelSub-LabelUSA
Motown RecordsSub LabelUSAHistoric label specializing in soul and R&B, part of Universal Music Group.
Muggelig RecordsIndependent labelGermanyBerlin-based label known for electronic and dance music.
Musical Freedom RecordsSub-LabelNetherlandsTiësto’s own label, home to all artists hand picked by Tiësto himself.
Mute RecordsIndependent labelUKFounded in 1978 by Daniel Miller, known for electronic and alternative music.
Napalm RecordsIndependent labelAustriaFocuses on heavy metal and rock, known for its extensive artist roster and global reach.
Naxos Sweden AktiebolagIndependent labelSweden
New West RecordsIndependent LabelUSAFocuses on Americana and indie rock, based in Nashville and Athens.
Nice LifeIndependent LabelUSALos Angeles-based label and publishing company founded by producer Ricky Reed.
Night Bass RecordsIndependent labelUSARecord label based in L.A , mainly focuses on bass driven music.
Nine Mile RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Ninetone Group ABIndependent labelSweden
Ninja TuneIndependent LabelUKLondon-based label known for electronic and alternative music.
Nonesuch RecordsSub LabelUSAAmerican label owned by Warner Music Group, known for classical and jazz music.
Nuclear BlastIndependent LabelInternationalSpecializes in metal and rock genres, renowned for its extensive artist roster.
OCESA SeitrackIndependent labelMexicoMexican label and talent agency, subsidiary of Grupo CIE.
Offshore MusicIndependent labelPhilippines
Okeh RecordsSub-labelUSAHistoric American label under Sony Music, known for jazz and blues recordings.
Out Of LineIndependent labelGermany
Overtone Studios ABIndependent labelSweden
OWSLASub LabelUSAFounded by Skrillex, focuses on electronic music and creative collective projects.
P-Vine RecordsIndependent labelJapanIndependent record label based in Japan.
Pama Records ABIndependent labelSweden
Pangur Musik ABIndependent labelSweden
Paper Bag RecordsIndependent labelCanada
Parlophone RecordsSub LabelUK/GermanyOriginally German, now a major British label under Warner Music Group.
Partisan RecordsIndependent labelUSAOffices in London, Los Angeles, and New York, focusing on varied music genres.
Pavement EntertainmentIndependent labelUSAFocuses on rock and metal, known for promoting a range of hard-hitting artists.
PhasesIndependent labelUKLondon based record label, focus on ambient electronic and modern music
Pinguettes Recordings ABIndependent labelSweden
Pivot GangIndependent labelUSAHip hop collective from Chicago, known for creative and community-focused music projects.
PlatoonIndependent labelUKA comprehensive, tailored approach to nurturing and developing artists, focusing on their unique needs
and aspirations.
Playground Music ScandinaviaIndependent labelScandinaviaThe norths biggest independet record label.
Playground Music Scandinavia ABIndependent labelSweden
Polydor RecordsSub LabelUK/GermanyOperates as part of Universal Music Group.
Polyvinyl RecordsIndependent labelUSABased in Illinois, focuses on indie rock and other independent music genres.
Pop NoireIndependent labelFrance
Propeller RecordingsIndependent labelNorwayNorwegian independent record label, launched in 2003 in Oslo.
Prophecy ProductionsIndependent labelGermany
Prosthetic RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Provogue RecordsSub-labelPart of Mascot Label Group, specializes in blues and rock music.
Pure Noise RecordsIndependent labelUSAFocuses on punk rock, based in Berkeley, California.
Quartz Hill RecordsIndependent labelUSAQuartz Hill Records, offers a platform for country music artists.
Queenstreet Content AIndependent labelSweden
R&S RecordsIndependent labelBelgiumR&S Records stands as a bastion of electronic music, renowned for catapulting artists like Djrum,
James Blake, and Paula Temple into the spotlight. From our longstanding position in the industry,
we continue to foster groundbreaking talent.
Ram RecordsIndependent labelUKAmerican record label
Razor & TieSub-labelUSAKnown for its focus on rock and children’s music, operates under Fearless Records.
RBC RecordsIndependent labelUSAOnline label and management company specializing in hip-hop and urban genres.
RCA InspirationSub LabelUSAGospel music group operating under Sony Music.
RCA RecordsMajor LabelUSAPrestigious American label operating under Sony Music Entertainment.
Reach RecordsIndependent labelUSASpecializes in Christian hip hop, based in Atlanta, Georgia.
RECORDS CoJoint VentureUSAJoint venture with SONGS Publishing, focuses on innovative music releases.
Red Bull RecordsIndependent labelUSAOperated by Red Bull GmbH, known for promoting high-energy music and artists.
Red CreekIndependent labelUSA
Redefinition RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Relentless RecordsSub LabelUSAKnown for discovering and promoting breakthrough artists in the UK.
Republic RecordsSub LabelUSANew York City-based label under Universal Music Group.
Revival RecordingsIndependent labelUSA
Reviver RecordsIndependent labelUSACountry record label based in Nashville
Rexius Records ABIndependent labelSwedenOne of the first hybrid record labels in the world, focusing on new and emerging artists.
Rhino EntertainmentSub LabelUSASpecializes in reissues and classic recordings, a Warner Music Group company.
Ribbon MusicIndependent labelUSA
Righteous Babe RecordsIndependent labelUSA
RinseIndependent labelUKLondon based community radio station and record label, focuses on garage, grime dubstep etc
Rise RecordsIndependent labelUSABased in Oregon, known for heavy metal and punk rock artists.
Roche MusiqueIndependent labelGermanyParis-based electronic music label, founded by DJ and producer Jean Janin.
Rocket RecordingsIndependent labelUK
RootfireIndependent labelUSANon profit record label created in 2016.
Rootsy Music ABIndependent labelSweden
Ropeadope RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Rostrum RecordsIndependent LabelUSAIndependent label known for its influence in the hip-hop and rap scenes.
Rough Trade RecordsIndependent labelUKIconic label known for pioneering the indie music scene.
Round Here RecordsIndependent labelUSAFounded in 2019 by Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line
Round Hill RecordsIndependent labelUSAMusic publishing company founded in 2010, known for its catalog of classic hits.
Rounder RecordsIndependent labelUSAFounded in 1970, known for folk, bluegrass, and Americana music.
Royal Potato FamilyIndependent labelUSABrooklyn-based label known for its eclectic mix of music styles.
RubyworksIndependent labelIreland
Rude RecordsIndependent labelItaly
Run For Cover RecordsIndependent labelUSAAmerican record label, focuses on rock sub genres.
Rush HourIndependent labelNetherlands
S-Curve RecordsIndependent LabelUSAFounded by former Mercury Records executive, based in New York City.
Saban Music Group (SMG)Independent LabelUSAComplete music and entertainment company with a broad industry reach.
Sacred Bones RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Saddest Factory RecordsIndependent labelUSAFocuses on new and emerging indie artists, known for artistic integrity.
Saddle CreekIndependent labelUK
Saints & Sinners ABIndependent labelSweden
Savastino Music & Art AB (Chillmi)Independent labelSweden
Saved RecordsIndependent labelUK
Schoolboy RecordsIndependent labelUSAPart of SB Projects, integrates music, film, and technology projects.
Search and Destroy RecordsSub-labelUKKnown for its focus on rock and alternative music, engages with vibrant new bands.
Secret City RecordsIndependent labelCanadaKnown for supporting Canadian artists, has received multiple music awards.
Secretly CanadianIndependent labelUSAPart of the Secretly Group, known for supporting a diverse range of independent artists.
Seeking Blue RecordsIndependent labelCanadaBorn from YouTube curator MrSuicideSheep, focuses on electronic and ambient music.
SharpTone RecordsIndependent labelUSAAmerican independent record label, dedicated to nurturing fresh and vibrant talent across the music scene.
Signature Sounds RecordingsIndependent labelUSASpecializes in Americana and modern folk music, based in Massachusetts.
SinderlynIndependent labelUSASister label to Captured Tracks, part of the Omnian music group.
Single Lock RecordsIndependent labelUSAAn independent record label rooted in the rich musical landscapes of Muscle Shoals and New Orleans,
celebrating a deep heritage of soulful sounds.
Sire RecordsSub LabelUSAAmerican label under Warner Music Group, distributed by Warner Records.
Sister PolygonIndependent labelUSARecord label run by the band Priests
SKINKIndependent labelNetherlandsThe cutting-edge hybrid label in dance music, blending traditional beats with innovative sounds to shape
the future of the genre.
Slow Dance RecordsIndependent labelUK
Slugz MusicFocuses on promoting new artists and music across various genres.
Slumberland RecordsIndependent labelUSA
snafu recordsIndependent labelSweden
Snafu Records ABIndependent labelSweden
Snakefarm RecordsSub LabelUSAPart of Universal Music Group, focuses on roots, rock, and country genres.
SO RecordingsIndependent labelUKHome to a diverse roster of artists across multiple genres.
Solid State RecordsSub-LabelUSAChristian record label, imprint of Tooth & Nail records
Som LivreIndependent labelBrazilFounded in 1969, specializes in soundtracks and local Brazilian music.
Sonar KollektivIndependent labelGermany
Sonic BlewSub-LabelUK
Sony Music Entertainment AustraliaMajor LabelAustraliaOperates under American Sony Music Entertainment, focusing on Australian and international artists.
Sony Music Entertainment BelgiumMajorBelgiumBelgian arm of Sony Music, focuses on local and international music markets.
Sony Music Entertainment BrasilMajor LabelBrazilBrazilian arm of Sony Music, home to local and international stars.
Sony Music Entertainment LatinSub LabelUSAFocused on Latin music, part of Sony Music.
Sony Music Entertainment MexicoSub LabelMexicoPromotes prominent Latin and international talents, part of Sony Music.
Sony Music Entertainment New ZealandMajor LabelNew ZealandNZ’s most loved record label, part of the Sony Music establishment
Sony Music Entertainment UKSub LabelUKHouses some of the world’s most successful artists, under Sony Music.
Sooper RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Sound Pollution AktiebolagIndependent labelSweden
Soundly MusicIndependent labelUSA
Sounds Of CrenshawIndependent labelUSAFounded by Terrace Martin, focuses on the diverse music of Los Angeles.
Southeastern RecordsIndependent labelUSASince 2006, Southeastern Records has been delivering e-commerce service, merch production, and tour
merchandise to artists and bands.
Southern Fried RecordsIndependent labelUKLondon-based label specializing in electronic dance music, founded by Norman Cook.
Spinefarm RecordsSub LabelFinlandFinnish label specializing in heavy metal, part of Universal Music Group.
Spinnin’ RecordsIndependent LabelNetherlandsLeading Dutch electronic label.
SpitSlam RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Spunk RecordsIndependent LabelAustraliaAustralian label known for indie and alternative music.
Starwatch EntertainmentIndependent labelGermanyCombines music, live entertainment, and artist management within ProSiebenSat.1 Group.
State Fair RecordsIndependent labelUSA
STMPD RCRDSIndependent labelNetherlandsOwned and founded by Martin Garrix ever since 2016, strong focus on electronic dance music
Stones Throw RecordsIndependent labelUSALos Angeles-based label, known for its eclectic roster in hip hop and electronic music.
Stoney Creek RecordsIndependent labelUSASpecializes in country music, part of BBR Music Group under BMG.
Sub PopSub LabelUSAIconic label founded in 1986, pivotal in the grunge scene with artists like Nirvana and Soundgarden.
SubCarbonIndependent labelBelgiumBelgium based independent record label founded by “Ganja White Night” duo Benjamin Bayeul and
Charlie Dodson.
Sumerian RecordsIndependent LabelUSASpecializes in merchandise and music from Sumerian Records artists.
Sunday Best RecordingsIndependent labelUK
Suretone EntertainmentIndependent labelUSAFounded in 2006, spans records, pictures, and artist management.
Sweat It OutIndependent labelAustraliaKnown for indie and dance music, influential in the Australian music scene.
Swingkids ABIndependent labelSweden
T-Boy RecordsSub-labelUSAHard rock label under Universal Music Enterprises, focuses on established rock bands.
TambourhinocerosIndependent labelDenmark
Taste and ToneSub-LabelUSA
Team Love RecordsIndependent labelUSATeam Love, co-founded by Conor Oberst and Nate Krenkel in 2003, is an independent record label
nestled in the artistic enclave of New Paltz, New York. It stands as a beacon of creative freedom and
Teamwrk RecordsIndependent labelAustraliaFocuses on electronic and dance music, supports emerging local talent.
TelefonoIndependent labelSpain
Temporary ResidenceIndependent labelUSA
Tender Loving EmpireIndependent labelUSA
The Control GroupIndependent labelUSA
The Noise CompanyIndependent labelUSA
The Satchi Six ABIndependent labelSweden
The SoNo Recording GroupIndependent labelUSAConnecticut-based, distributed globally by The ILS Group, focuses on diverse music genres.
The SRG-ILS GroupIndependent labelUSAOffers global distribution solutions for independent labels and artists.
The Valory Music Co.Sub LabelUSAPart of Big Machine Records, focuses on country and pop, distributed by Universal Music Group.
Third Man RecordsIndependent LabelUSAFounded by Jack White, known for its dedication to vinyl and live performances.
This Never HappenedIndependent labelUSAFounded by Lane 8, focuses on electronic music with a unique, introspective approach.
Thrill JockeyIndependent labelUSAChicago-based label known for experimental and alternative music.
TMRW MusicIndependent LabelAustraliaCollective of independent music companies in Australia.
To Whom It May Concern ABIndependent labelSweden
Tommy Boy RecordsIndependent labelUSAFounded in 1981, known for hip-hop, electronic, and dance music.
Tooth & NailIndependent labelUSA
Topshelf RecordsIndependent labelUSAAmerican independent record label founded in Massachsetts, now based in California.
TransgressiveIndependent labelUKLondon-based label known for pushing musical boundaries in indie and alternative genres.
Tri-Angle RecordsIndependent labelUSAKnown for its experimental approach to music, influential in alternative electronic genres.
Triple Crown RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Triple TigersSub LabelUSAFocuses on country music, known for developing successful country artists.
Trouble In Mind RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Tru ThoughtsIndependent labelUKKnown for its eclectic music releases, spans genres from funk to electronic to world music.
TruesoulIndependent labelSwedenRegarded as the little brother to the techno label Drumcode
Turbo RecordingsIndependent labelCanadaFounded in 1998, specializes in electronic music.
Tusk or ToothIndependent labelUSA
tôt Ou tardIndependent labelFranceFounded in 1996 as a break from Warner Music, Tôt ou tard got independent in 2002.
U OK?Independent labelUnknown
Ultra RecordsIndependent LabelUSANew York-based label focusing on electronic music.
UNFDIndependent labelAustraliaMelbourne-based label specializing in heavy music, including metal and hardcore genres.
Unique Leader RecordsIndependent labelUSA
UnitedMastersIndependent labelUSAOffers tools for artists to market their music independently.
Unity RecordsIndependent labelSerbiaArtist-centric company offering label, management, and publishing services.
Universal MusicMajor LabelGlobalGlobal leader in music production and distribution.
Universal Music CanadaMajor LabelCanadaCanada’s leading music company, engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and
audiovisual content.
Universal Music FinlandMajor LabelFinlandFinlands leading record label, part of Universal Music.
Universal Music LatinoSub LabelUSA/MexicoSpecializes in Latin music, part of Universal Music Group.
Universal Music NetherlandsMajor LabelNetherlandsDutch division of Universal Music, focuses on a broad range of genres and artists.
Universal Music SpainSub LabelSpainSpanish division of Universal Music Group.
Vagrant RecordsSub-LabelUSA
Velocity RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Verge RecordsIndependent labelUSAAims to help artists succeed and promote social change through music.
Verve ForecastSub LabelUSADivision of Verve Records, focuses on pop, rock, and folk music.
Verve RecordsMajor LabelUSAOwned by Universal Music Group, specializes in jazz and classical music genres.
Vice RecordsIndependent labelUSA
Virgin Records GermanySub LabelGermanyGerman branch of the legendary music label.
W!ZARD TalentIndependent labelUK
WAKAANIndependent labelUSA
Warner ClassicsSub-LabelUKThe home of classical music: Warner Classics
Warner Music CanadaMajor LabelCanadaCanadian division of Warner Music Group.
Warner Music DenmarkMajor LabelDenmarkDanish division of Warner Music, focusing on both local and international music talent.
Warner Music FranceSub LabelFranceFrench subsidiary of Warner Music Group.
Warner Music GermanyMajor LabelGermanyGerman division of Warner Music Group, focusing on a broad range of music genres.
Warner Music MexicoSub LabelMexicoMexican division of Warner Music, focusing on local and international artists.
Warner Music NashvilleSub LabelUSANashville division of Warner Music, focuses on country music.
Warner Music NorwaySub-labelNorwegian division of Warner Music Group, focuses on local and international talent.
Warner Music SpainSub LabelSpainSpanish branch of Warner Music, involved in recorded music and artist services.
Warner Music UKMajor LabelUKBritish arm of Warner Music Group, represents a range of successful artists.
Warner RecordsMajor LabelUSAProminent American label part of Warner Music Group.
Warner Records UKMajor LabelUKBritish arm of Warner Records, home to high-profile artists.
Warp RecordsIndependent labelUKSheffield-founded label known for pioneering electronic music since 1989.
Western VinylIndependent labelUSATexas based independent record label founded 1998.
Wheelhouse RecordsSub-LabelUSAEmbrace the vibrant spirit of New Country with Wheelhouse Records.
XL RecordingsIndependent labelUKFounded in 1989, known for a roster of influential indie and alternative artists.
XO RecordsSub LabelGlobalOperated under Universal Music Group NV.
Xploded MusicIndependent LabelUKBritish label focusing on a variety of music genres, established by industry veterans.
Xtra Mile RecordingsIndependent labelUKRecord label with a folk & rock focus, founded in 2003
Yala! RecordsIndependent labelUK
Yama RecordsIndependent labelJapanPart of Golden Robot Records, focuses on developing and financing artists worldwide.
Year0001 ABIndependent labelSweden
Yep Roc RecordsIndependent labelUSABased in North Carolina, known for Americana, country, and indie music.
Yotanka RecordsIndependent labelFrance
YoungLondon-based arts organisation that manages artists and releases music.
Yucatan RecordsIndependent labelUK
Zooland RecordsIndependent labelGermanyFocuses on dance and electronic music, part of Zooland Music GmbH.