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Regardless of if you’ve never previously been in a proper recording studio or if you’re an experienced recording artist, there are a few things all artists should do before they head into their recording session. Doing these things will not only save both you and your producer some headaches, but will also save you a ton of studio time, and by extension — save you a ton of money.

6 easy things to do before your studio session

  1. Rehearse before the session! It’s impossible to record material you don’t know, and the more you rehearse the easier and faster recording will be. This means that both you and the producer can focus more on getting the perfect take than getting takes where you forget the lyrics, sing off-beat or don’t know the melody.
  2. Make sure all the instruments you’re bringing has been taken care of and are in intonated. Always use new strings, skins, and bring extra drum sticks.
  3. Come mentally prepared and rested. Music recording can be stressful, and a good night’s sleep will help.
  4. Discuss the project and ideas with your producer early in the process. Please send in the pre-production as soon as possible.
  5. Have an extra budget if things go south cause it often takes more time than you might think in the studio. We always estimate the prices upon our experiences but we can never guarantee anything.
  6. Finish your songs before you enter the studio! Spending hours writing is not an efficient use of neither yours or the producers time.

6 things not to do in a studio session

  1. Show up 1,5 hours late and expect to get 2 hours overtime for free since.
  2. Show up without anything to record.
  3. Treat the recording studio as your playground. Yes it should be fun, but don’t run around and try every single instrument and gear. Treat the studio with some respect.
  4. Don’t show up hungover.
  5. Ask about every single thing the music producer does. Of course you should learn a thing or two about music recording and tracking but keep in mind that you use a music producer because he or she is a pro and questioning them all the time will probably make them frustrated and you will waste studio time.
  6. Don’t expect your producer to make wonders all the time. Let’s be honest here. A producer is not a magician and it’s really garbage in, garbage out.