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In this article we will guide you how to submit music to Filtr, Digster and Topsify playlists.

Filtr, Digster and Topsify are owned by the majors (Sony, Universal and Warner) which means they’re very unlikely to feature independent music! We recently made an analysis of all the tracks within these 3 major playlist platforms (Courtesy to Chartmetrics), you can read the analysis here if you are interested.

Tracks in Digster Playlists by Record Label

Universal (or their sub labels) is aggregating roughly 80% of all tracks inside all Digster playlists.

tracks in digster spotify playlists

How to submit music to Digster playlists?

The Digster music submission: We’ve actually been able to get on Digster Playlists, more specifically Digster Romania using SubmitHub. Send your tracks to them max 1 week before release date and use the 90 sec option.

Tracks in Filtr Sweden Playlists by Record Label

90-95% of the tracks inside Filtr playlists seems to be related to Sony Music. Behold the “other labels” tag in this one. Filtr is owned by Sony, TGR, Milkshake, Cupol, Ariola and Razzia as well.

tracks in Filtr playlists by record label - music submission help

How to submit music to Filtr playlists?

The Filtr Music Submission: We found a submission form to Filtr US, however, you need to follow a lot of playlists in order to be considered, give consent to retargeting marketing and add you to an email list.

Tracks in Topsify Playlists by Record Label

Around 80% av the tracks included in Topsify seems to be related with Warner Music.

tracks in Topsify playlists - music submission help

How to submit music to Topsify?

The Topsify Music Submission: We could find Topsiy Deutschland on SubmitHub, however they where last active over one year ago (as of 2020-07-25). You can see if they are active here.

So how to get in to the Filtr, Topsify and Digster playlists?

If not using the limited ways in submitting music to Filtr, Topsify or Digster that we have covered in this article the obvious way is to team up with a sub-label of one of the majors. Something that is easier said than done. You can read our guide on how to get attention from record labels. But to give you a perspective, the major owned playlist curators are not as influential as of some years ago. There are a lot of other ways to get streaming results as an independent artist. You can pitch to Spotify, smaller playlist curators, playlist networks and get streams through algorithmic playlists. You can read this guide on How to Submit Music to Spotify Playlist Curators  in order to know where to focus!