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We’re Rexius, and we’re not a record label. Even though we help artists, bands and music creators to evolve every day, making their music heard.


Neither are we a distributor. Even though we put our heart into developing digital tools that help us spread good tunes all over the world with smart, automatic processes.


And we’re not a PR Company either, even though we work with an international network of music lovers on a daily basis.


There are many things we’re not.

And we believe that’s our strength.

We focus only on what we believe in.

And that is helping artists help themself.


You bring the ambitions, the hard work and the why’s.

We bring the knowledge, the experience and the how’s.


We’ve been in the music industry for several years now, and we’ve learned. A lot.


We believe in sharing that knowledge.

We believe in being fair players in an unjust industry.

We believe in being the worst gatekeepers ever by leaving the door wide open.


We’re Rexius,
And we’re an Amplifier.