DIY or Unsigned? Get help where you need it without losing royalties

We want to take as many artists as possible to the next level. We understand the record label deal is not always working for everyone. Maybe you don’t want to lose royalties or give up control and sometimes you just want to get feedback on your music. That’s why we offer a wide range of services available for all artists striving to develop and get to the next level without the need of a signing.

Need an original song? Hire songwriters at Rexius Records to write tailor suited original songs for you.

If you’re a competent singer or band, but have a difficult time with writing your own material, you’re not alone! This is something our A&R scouts have noticed by listening to demo submissions on a daily basis. However, you can only get so far in your music career by making covers. If you truly want to go beyond, you need your own original songs & production. That’s when our songwriters for hire can give you a helping hand.

Mixing and Mastering services that are guaranteed to make you stand out from the noise.

To reach a unique and professional sound for a song it is necessary to get it mixed and mastered. You refine the recording through the mix and master and it doesn’t need to be that costly. The cost depends of course on how big the project is, how many tracks there are and how well recorded and edited the recording is.

Professional music production for talented artists and bands

Located in the heart of Gothenburg, Rexius Records’ professional music studio  is available to talented local and international musicians who want to record their music at a word-class level. We do everything from drum recording to mixing and mastering. The studio environment and acoustics are top-notch modern, and when it comes to gear, there is plenty to spare!

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