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At Rexius Records, we’ve conducted extensive internal analysis across various music genres we’ve released. This research has led us to establish a crucial guideline regarding the volume level in your track’s master, commonly referred to as “loudness”. Exceeding a certain loudness threshold can result in what’s known as a “Loudness Penalty” from streaming platforms like Spotify. This penalty can significantly impact your music’s visibility and accessibility, potentially affecting its inclusion in editorial playlists or features like Discover Weekly.

What is Loudness Penalty?

The Loudness Penalty is a reduction applied by online streaming services to music that’s mastered at higher volume levels. The principle behind this is to ensure a consistent listening experience across different tracks and prevent listeners from being “blasted” by unexpectedly loud music. However, each streaming service has its unique approach to measuring and applying this penalty, leading to varying impacts on your music.

loudness penalty

Rexius Records Loudness Standard

To align with industry standards and maximize your music’s reach, we have set a specific requirement for loudness in your master recordings:

  • Maximum Loudness Limit: Your track’s loudness must not exceed -4.0 dB (-10 LUFS)
  • Measurement Tool: You can assess the loudness of your track using the following tool: Loudness Penalty Analyzer.
  • Why This Matters: Adhering to this loudness limit ensures your music avoids the Loudness Penalty, thereby maintaining its chances of being featured in playlists and not being turned down by streaming services.

Consequences of Exceeding Loudness Limits

If your track surpasses the -4.0 dB loudness threshold, it risks being penalized by streaming platforms. This can manifest in several ways:

  1. Reduced Playlist Inclusion: Your track might be less likely to be included in editorial playlists or recommended in features like Discover Weekly.
  2. Lowered Playback Volume: Streaming services may automatically lower the playback volume of your track, potentially affecting listener experience and engagement.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Rexius Records, we are dedicated to ensuring that your music not only meets industry standards but also retains its artistic integrity. Adhering to these loudness guidelines is a key step in this process, helping your music reach its full potential in the highly competitive streaming landscape.