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At Rexius Records, we believe in a world where every artist has a unique voice and story to share. Our vision is to be a bridge between goals and reality, guiding artists through the complex journey of their music careers. We are not just a forward-thinking hybrid record label; we are a platform, a guide and above all a trusted companion. Our mission is to help each artist take the driver’s seat of their success.

About the role: We are looking forward to adding one more A&R (Artist & Repertoire) to our team. You will be instrumental in identifying and nurturing talent, understanding artists’ needs, and guiding them towards achieving their goals. Your role is crucial in upholding our vision to transform the music industry into a space where every artist, regardless of genre, fanbase, or personal background, feels valued, supported, and equipped to reach their goals.

Main responsibilities:

  • Identify and scout talented artists with potential.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with new and active artists, understanding their vision and aligning it with our goals.
  • Coordinate with other team members and partners to ensure successful music production, marketing and distribution.
  • Evaluate and respond to the changing needs of artists and the music industry.

Professional Skills:

  • Sales & Contract Negotiation: The role has many similarities with a mature sales role. Identifying needs, qualifying, negotiating and contracting with artists and stakeholders.
  • Communication: Excellent oral and written skills in English and preferably more languages. Able to convey complex information clearly and empathetically.
  • Problem-solving skills: Strong analytical skills to identify underlying problems and propose effective solutions.
  • Organizational Skills: Ability to work in a structured way and get things done.

Personal characteristics:

  • Driven: A self-starter with an intrinsic drive to achieve, get things done and reach goals.
  • Empathetic Listener: Being able to relate to the perspective of artists and colleagues in the company.
  • Proactive nature: takes the initiative and engages with the artists, even before problems arise.
  • Adaptability: Comfortable with change, able to adjust strategies based on feedback and changing needs.

Additional Qualities:

  • Knowledge of the music industry and artists’ needs.
  • Experience as Key Account Manager or similar.
  • Willingness to grow personally and professionally and open to feedback.
  • Passion for music.

Commission-based salary

We are part of the “Swedish Model” and have signed collective agreements with Almega and Unionen. The salary is largely commission-based, allowing for flexibility and autonomy, directly rewarding your efforts and growth potential. We are also open to working with you if you have your own business freelancing in this area.

About Rexius Records:

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Rexius Records is a global music company working with exciting new and emerging artists across many genres. Our goal is to open up the music industry and make it accessible to more people. We are a technology-driven company that focuses on innovation, simplifying and improving processes to allow more time for development and creation.

We offer a workplace where we focus on your needs as an individual. We have colleagues working entirely remotely from Colombia, Belgium and Spain as well as from our office in Sweden. Your location does not matter. Do you have children and want to work part-time? Fantastic! Are you a recent graduate who wants to go all in? Absolutely! We usually find a solution if you have the right attitude, but it also requires a lot of independence.

Application process:

Submit your application via the form below. Include your CV, a personal letter and availability. Recruitment takes place on an ongoing basis with the last application date 2023-01-15. We look forward to receiving your application!

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